Central banks are buying up Gold fast. At least that is what the world Gold Council Reports. Lucky enough they are known for telling the truth. For central banks, and investors, it makes total sense to buy Gold.

Last time that central banks were buying up so much Gold we just saw rising inflation. If we look at the shadow data about this, the ones that are more realistic than the highly fraudulent government data, we see the inflation going up. Politicians and central bankers love inflation. After all: it is the tax they don’t show you.

If we look at the debt levels in the world than we see that it is going up and up. corporate debt is 8.6 Trillion and a good portion of this is junk. The companies are addicted to cheap money. What will happen when this cheap money is no longer available?

Then we see that the US Dollar is getting weaker and weaker. The Dollar is losing value over and over. This is happening for over 100 years. Think about this for a moment. 100 Years of wealth destruction.

Then we have the ongoing trade war. The trade war keeps eliminating value and Beijing is now looking for the next steps. What will they do? China is no longer buying up American bond papers. So that is one thing they did and hours the USA finances.

When it comes to what you need to do than it is easy. Have a look at your personal financial situation. Simply look at the investments you have. What will happen when big companies go bankrupt? Are you ready to thrive during the next collapse?

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