The campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination is fully underway. It is interesting to see how many people are watching a show which just reminds us how lovely a show politics is. The sad thing is that if we look at the history of the DNC than we see that they are just promising the something today at the expense of someone else tomorrow. doing so they just increase the government share of the economy.

Let me begin by explaining to you why I call it Ponzi schemes. Ponzi schemes are fraudulent investment schemes. Schemes which take the contribution from new investors and give it to earlier investors. An unsustainable business model. If we look at the first social security Ponzi scheme than we see that the money from the earlier generations is being used to pay for the elderly generations. Just like a Ponzi scheme.

When we see what they did after the introduction was slowly on expanding all schemes. The schemes expanded in the benefits, the groups who benefited from it and the costs associated with it. After the first program, several new programs were introduced.

So why are all Democratic candidates so proud upon the history of introducing fraudulent schemes? Which are imposed with violence if they seek?

It is said to say but the Democratic candidates just launch more and more partly Ponzi schemes. The boost for retirees was partly a Ponzi schema, Obamacare was one and now the failures from Obamacare were solved in a new Ponzi scheme. Medicare for all.

The idea for all those Ponzi schemes is just that one group has to pay more to subsidy another group. There is no incentive for firms to launch preventive programs.

It is said to say. But voters are prepared to steal from future generations. It would be a good thing to learn today voters to have financial intelligence and delayed gratification.

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