Gold is something special. Gold is the only metal that does not rust. Gold is also the metal that is the cornerstone of every successful investment portfolio. It is what Monarchs use as their portfolio. Before you look at Monarchien, we have to admit that they are very wealthy. They are, so why should not we learn from them?

Well Gold has another disadvantage. It does not pay a dividend. On the other hand, Gold inflation is resistant. Well, the failure to pay a dividend is something you have to realize. If you want that, Gold is not an interesting option for you. If you want to own something that is inflation-proof, which adds value if the financial markets implode, then you should have Gold in your portfolio.

I am a big supporter of Gold in a portfolio. 10% to 20% is what I propose to keep in your portfolio. It is also what I do. Just because I want to make sure that I have something when everything collapses. Because I think that, thanks to the policy of the ECB, inflation will only increase, I like to protect my money.

By purchasing the Gold simply straight away is not so smart. Good spreading is also important here. The importance of spreading is always to have the winner and to minimize your losses. Or you do as Warren Buffet, the famous success investor does. To know what he is doing you must know his 2 rules in terms of investing. Rule 1 is “Do not lose money.” Then we get to line 2 “Do not forget rule 1”. Hard is not it?

Well, it is not all that bad. You must have the mystic Gold in your investments. However, do not see it as much as an investment. Think of it as an insurance policy. You have insurance for your healthcare costs. Do you calculate every month whether you make a profit on your insurance? I sincerely hope that you lose money on your health insurance. Then you have good health and I wish you a warm welcome!

If we look at special things in the field of Gold, I want to bring the Gold bond to your attention. Gold bonds enable you to have your Gold work for you. Or to collect Gold continuously in a relatively easy method.

The best solution for you to take now, at least if you take your financial future seriously, is simply by ordering my 2019 version of the Gold report. It handles everything you need to know to make profitable Gold investments and to purchase Gold at a discount. Physical Gold.

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