Everyone will have noticed that Boris Johnson is now the British Prime Minister. He is elected upon the message of delivering Brexit and therefore doing what the majority of the voters voted for.

The new British government is formed by Borish Jonhson and he has loyalists on all position. Including Remainers who are now fully supportive of the Brexit. Yes, that is politics.

It is likely that there will come just another deal. Likely with a short transition period. If the EU puts its heels in too drastic it is likely that the UK will simply walk away. The hard Brexit which everyone fears.

But those fears are there mainly for the European Union. Boris Johnson will have his hands completely free to make free trade deals with any country he seeks. Including the European Union.

But if you look at the media coverage than this is not the message you would expect. They are lacking the research capacity nor the knowledge to look behind the bureaucrats who spread the fear. If you believe them than the world will come to an end when the UK will leave. We all know this will not happen.

The European Union is misinformed when it comes to the situation of British politics. Convinced by the remainder and the failing Theresa May, they think they can push the UK into political and economic chaos. This is key for the European Union. To proof that leaving is a disaster. Otherwise many more states might simply leave.

What is really the difference is that the Johnson government has made a strong commitment. A commitment that we have not seen since Margaret Thatcher was in charge. It is a commitment to free markets and prosperity for everyone.

The new government has already started talks. Not with Brussels. They started talking with the USA. To talk a free trade deal. Next, to this, they started a campaign to make the public aware of the consequences of a no-deal Brexit.

When we look at what is happening on other deals than it is clear that many countries would love a trade agreement with the United Kingdom. The only access to the City of London or its support in the United Nations security council makes it an ideal partner. It is expected that the majority of Common wealth will join some trade agreement. Even nationalistic India is asking for a trade deal.

It is clear that Boris Johnson is seeking a partnership. But by doing so he has blown up the EU monopoly on bilateral agreements. He will return talking to with Brussels when they have come to there senses.

Johnson has some right room. With no deal passed Parliament he could simply throw the divorce settlement of 39 billion away. Simply focussing on the 9,8 billion the UK gets from the EU and set up similar government agencies. They will need a nuclear watchdog and so on.

What will happen next? No one knows but the beginning of the end of European dominance is happening right now.

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