I am not a big fan of central banks. Actually, I am a big opponent. I want to abolish them as soon as possible. I do not see any use in these kinds of organizations. They are responsible for inflation and the policy of unlimited money printing. A policy that has created an unprecedented bubble in the financial markets.

Let’s see what central banks do. The US Federal Reserve has the economic importance and stability of the currency, the US Dollar, to its policy areas. So the United States actually has a centrally planned economy. Indeed, that has been tried by the Soviet Union and that has not gone well. Stability. Hmmm the US Dollar has lost 99% of its value since the beginning of FED. So the cradle of free trade now has the same economic policy as what the undemocratically elected Stalin had. The US Dollar has lost 99% of its value since the FED began. Well, such a bad money depreciation is stable. But it is

Well the ECB is no better. The ECB does not have any objectives in the area of the economy. So we do not have a centrally planned economy here. We prefer to do this through the government. The government functions suffocating and does nothing more than rewarding those who do not produce and penalize those who do produce.

This video nicely explains the model of Central Banks. Well, I am also very focused on delivering solutions. So that’s why I would handle it.

1. Reintroduction of the gold standard,
2. Leave it to the discipline of the market in the economy,
3. A significant cut in the public sector,

The coin must simply be covered by gold. You can exchange your notes and coins for physical gold. The reason I want to do this is very simple: I want to curb inflation. Inflation is the method, as I in my podcast already discussed the silent killer of your assets. If you have assets you are not very happy with inflation.

It has ended with the idea that politicians, whether or not drunk, are capable of resolving the economy and the workload. If they want fewer people to be unemployed then this is an option. Simply reduce the tax and ease the regulations. It is not something politicians can do, it goes against their nature. Everywhere in the world politicians do the same thing: cause problems and then not solve them.

The public sector is functioning stiflingly on society. It is a bunch of people who fail in the free market economy. By means of regulations and ordinary extortion, one ensures that the current non-functioning system is maintained. All medical breakthroughs came not from the government, but from the business community. Why not applaud that. Let me give you an example from Eindhoven. There we have Wij Eindhoven. The organization in charge of the Social Support Act. They do sensible things there. Think of integrating people who are deadly ill into work and for household help they ask only EUR 40, – per hour. The fascinating thing is that nobody comes up with the idea to simply use the help. Those questions are 12.50 per hour. I would say that an hourly wage of 7 to 10 per hour in cleaning must be possible.

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