We all saw what is happening in Venezuela. In Nicaragua the situation is not that much better. But now we have a new country facing shortages in basic consumer goods. This country is Cuba.

Bead news and for the people in Cuba we need to address the reasons of the current shortages in toilet paper, food and other day to day needs.

There are a few commonly used excuses. First is the sanctions imposed by President Trump. Another popular reason os the reduced aid from Venezuela.

I’m sure both reasons are right. The Trump sanctions have affected the economy and we all know Venezuela is unable to feed its own people.

Both mentioned reasons offer some valid explanation. There are more reasons for the current situation in Cuba and we are, unfortunately, not hearing them.

Cuba was the longest socialistic experiment in the western world. Cuba is at the backdoor of the United States. This is why mass murderer Che Guevara and Fidel Castro picked the country at the first place.

During the Castro years, economic stability was not an option. In the first, the country was dependent on aid from the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union collapsed Cuba looked at European aid. When the rise of China happened they turned their eye also upon China. When President Obama lifted the sanctions they looked at the American market for the economy.

In all those time the country was changing its economy ongoingly. There was no stability during all the changes.

In the western world is Cuba the only country that keeps relying upon central planning. Everywhere in the western world, central planning is skipped. During hurricanes, the country keeps price control.

By doing so the country is outlawing the brave black marketeers doing the highly respected job of serving their customers.

If we look at the way the US sanctions work it is clear that they fail. They are hurting the Cuba economy. But the government keeps pushing with the central planning. The Cuban government is not moving towards the successful free market.

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