Education is important. Innovations are important. That is why the government is encouraging this in so many ways possible methods. Only education is very expensive. That is why you can borrow money for your studies. That is something that is gradually getting going in the Netherlands. But in the United States, it is the most normal thing in the world. But how healthy is this debt mountain for the financial markets?

The election campaign has started in the United States. The wildly popular Bernie Sanders and slightly less popular Elizabeth Warren have indicated a significant portion of the forgiven accumulated students. But how realistic is it?

nw.knwhat are the consequences for the economy and the financial markets like this debt mountain will be remitted? That it is popular is certain. It is an easy method to settle a negative debt. For me, this is just proof that we are in education simply have to learn money. Unfortunately we don’t do that. Not surprisingly. Finally, account almost everything Western governments are technically bankrupt. I don’t know any government that isn’t bankrupt, but I like to take a swing. Do you know one?  Llet me know.

If I look at the situation in the United States, the student debt is the 2nd debt category, measured in size. So bigger than credit cards and car loans. Only the Mortgages are a bigger debt mountain. Let this sink.

If I believe the BNR commentator Kees de Kort, then the majority of students are not a real student. But he is just looking for cheap extra money.

The consequence of the current situation is that the current generation of students, so the students of tomorrow and they face the need to finance unsecured debts. That doesn’t sound like a nice prospect.

We are in an unprecedented historical situation. not only do the students of tomorrow have extreme large debts to finance. In addition, the shares and bond markets pass through the central banks have been manipulated.

So we have a new generation that is deeply in debt. Don’t blame them to be covered. The only reason the stock markets are going up is the fact that the central banks finance the banks and insurers with artificially low-interest rates. Free money and then it’s for anyone possible to generate impressive returns.

Once the American debt bubble study implodes then it is highly likely that the FED will proceed to purchase these debts. They will sell this to the masses every to keep knowledge transfer and the economy going.

After all, the excuse is that education is one of the best investments. Finally, account D66 sells all its education investments with a simple calculation. They claim that every The euro that we invest in education will be earned back 26 times.

People with a good education earn hundreds of thousands of euros in their lives, or Dollars, more in their lives than people who don’t have this. It is, therefore, a very good investment in yourself. But we hereby forget that there are some points that we must take into consideration.

To start with, people who go to university have a higher IQ than people who don’t go to university. It is fairly safe to assume that higher IQ results in a higher salary. Is it not true that a high IQ is a better and better indicator for the future earning capacity.

For some types of careers, you need specific training. Your child has a good education giving is something that can work. But we have penalized an education system that works together. Which we call cheating. But is cooperation not what we need at this time to be successful to have?

It is time that we acknowledge this. We must ensure that we go back to a system where we can all excel. How is it possible that we are now, very carefully, busy with computer programming? Why don’t we learn how to handle money at school? Why don’t we learn how to be good at being able to type texts. Pieces that people want to read?

t is clear that the current system is on its last feet. When things start to implode then we have an unprecedented situation. If the system implodes then it also means that we unprecedented opportunities. Opportunities we must seize. If we want to do this then it is wise to prepare. How? This is reflected in the Survive The Collapse Report.

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