Unemployment benefits, the government issued pensions. They are the cornerstone of the welfare state. By doing so they are simply reducing the opportunity of economic activity and the chance to make money.

The welfare state is highly popular with almost everyone in the world. Unfortunately, it is simply a step towards socialism. With the popularity of AOC and Bernie Sanders, it is time to pay even more attention to the terrible policies.

If we look at what the effect of such policies are than it is clear that we see quite some destruction. First of all, it creates an entitlement mindset. Why should you work? Just all the free money the government gives you is there to support you.

The reason that the government has those programs ie easy. Those people are powerful voting blocks. Voting blocks which are all politicians love. After all: politicians love to stay in power.

But by giving in to the voters block the politicians are doing something which is much worse. They are reducing economic activity. The activity is needed. At least if we like to stay out of poverty.

If we would create a solid financial future for those who need it (like the elderly and disabled) then we need to have some solution which is really working.

The end of all government programs will incentivize everyone to simply start working. To take part in the economic life and do some physical activity which has any economic value.

Off course it will hurt some voters on the short term. But it is increasing economic activity and it will help the society forward.

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