It was on the front page of the local newspaper. Chinese staff members had played espionage at ASML. Everyone is talking about it and a China strategy is coming up shortly. With the rollout of 5G, there is fear for the role of Huawei and possible espionage.

Let me start with the simple fact that anyone who did not expect this is naive. ASML is dominant in its sector, the only competitor is years behind in the field of knowledge. The use of chips within the economy and military applications is increasing. So that at the best company in the world that makes machines to make Chips looks at the innovative power and that knowledge is used to your advantage seems clear to me. If the Russians, Iranians, Americans, British do not try, I declare them crazy. Everyone does that.

Let us realize that there is plenty in the Netherlands to spy on. Not only at ASML. Moreover, you can always deposit enough money and simply buy the company. What if a Chinese technology company, a chip maker, puts down enough money and does an enemy bone? What is wrong with that? The shareholders receive money and the new shareholder can, for example, decide to relocate all research jobs to a new research campus to be built.

The Netherlands plays a prominent role in the field of internet, energy, and innovations. Not everyone understands that there is so much interesting in the Netherlands for industrial and other espionage.

Internet # although the internet is a US military invention, the Netherlands plays a prominent role. Near Rijswijk one of the most important internet cables in Europe comes ashore. So why lay a submarine and drain everything? With the institutions of The Hague such as the International Criminal Court, anti-chemical weapons institution ICPW and a lot of specialized tribunals, there is plenty to consider. Take the tribunal that the water issues between India and Pakistan sealed with binding agreements. For both countries, that is a good reason, as well as geopolitical alliances, to focus on this.

Energy # few people realize, but the Netherlands plays a crucial role in this. Few people know the only western company active in this segment. I’m talking about Urenco. The company that repairs Uranium from non-hazardous Uranium to the Uranium for a nuclear power plant. Or in an atomic bomb. The company that let a Pakistani spy go its own way. As a result, North Korea, Lybie, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan have nuclear weapons. The company is located in the metropolis Almelo. The only alternative is the Russian state-owned company Rosatom.

The Netherlands has a very long tradition of innovations. Fokker has grown up thanks to the invention to be able to shoot through the propeller with a machine gun without shooting the propeller to pieces. The Fokker aircraft are still known for their good quality. The agricultural university in Wageningen is known for its good agriculture. The technical universities are widely known as very good universities. They bring high-quality innovations and are far ahead of their time.

So let’s stop being naive. Let us realize that we are a small country, we cannot do a lot. But what we can do we do so well that everyone wants to steal it.

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