Nafta is dead. The free trade deal between Mexico, the United States, and Canada is being replaced. but the USMCA deal. the deal offers a few benefits for the United States. Unfortunately it is no free tr4ade. If we look at what is in the deal than we see a big scope of new government regulations, higher inflation and more problems for the people on the North American continent.

To begin with the automotive sector. It is clear that the USA has 2 centers of the automotive industry. The compulsory unionized Detroit center and the ionised Texas automotive center. The fact that unions are there makes Detroit a worse state to invest in. Everywhere the union comes the cost of labour goes up and the people at the bottom of the job market are being hurt the hardest.

The USMCA deal also makes the International Organisation of Labour as the organisation to settle any international employment issues. This organisation sais clearly that the compulsory unions should be there. By doing so

It makes it illegal for central banks to devaluate the currency it manages. Now we get a interesting thing. By having no opportunity to devaluate a currency they say central banks are doing this. no central bank will ever say they are doing this. The only way to avoid central banks are devaluating money, which they do by creating new money, we should simply abolish central banks. Unfortuantly this will not happen.

The new trade deal is another step towards a new currency for the North American continent. Unfortuantly this is no free trade. It is a limitation of free trade.If you are supporting free trade you should not support this terrible deal.

By supporting free trade we are simply moving towards financial freedom. Freedom which will offer benefits for everyone and will reduce poverty. The only free currency of the world is Gold. So when are you ready to benefit from this and get the Gold report?

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