How important is a passport? That depends, of course, on who you ask. I have two, from different countries. I am about to hand in one of the two. I will hand in my Dutch citizenship.

I made a simple choice. Actually, the choice came after what happened on 12/1/17. The Mayor of Eindhoven decided on 10/1/17 to sign an order to enter. So the municipality, police, and locksmith all come along. The reason: the old neighbor who says that I am in the drug trade and am crazy.

Let’s be clear: the first is not the case. Interesting that people want to know everything about my finances and do not just ask for something. Or simply check the information at the tax authorities and other government agencies. I say I do not have Wajong, Eindhoven municipality and old neighbor say yes. Why not just check with the UWV. They know if and when they pay and for the last time (that was March 14, 2007, then I earned well too much and I went into consultation with the Wajong).

You will not be in the cold clothes like that. If you, my faithful reader, would put a lie detector and check this, you will find out that I am speaking the truth. Incidentally, have the underlying documents. Including the order of mayor Jorritsma WITH his signature. Can be fun in future publications.

The interests of the former neighbor are clear. He wanted to buy the house. He had to because the profits from the previous real estate transaction were over. A few months later the bailiff came to the old neighborhood with the regularity of the clock. Okay, he picked up a piece of land (according to the Land Registry) when he built his shed. That went to my lawyer. But first the government under it, then a private person.

That the relevant medical diagnoses cannot be asked by him and are incorrect we do not talk about. The mayor of Eindhoven has no eye for such a minor flaw.

This is also the main reason for me to obtain an Israeli passport. If the government sends armed people to you, it is wise to think very carefully. I earn my money outside the Netherlands, a passport is crucial for me. The Dutch state can recover this. But with a non-Dutch one that is not possible. I would have preferred some other countries, but that took a long time. This was a matter that could be arranged quickly. With a fist file, I can prove my Jewish origin.

Actually, it is weird. I am almost blind. That means that I am very expensive. The UWV states that I have not eliminated a Wajong benefit in the statistical margin of error. Not from Wajong to other public finances. Just to the big bad outside world. The world where people vote for one of their most valuable possessions, their money.

You would say that the municipality of Eindhoven would think of me as some ministries in The Hague do. They are very happy, hire me to see how the care can be improved and how the UWV can do better. You are sitting with a large group of people who are unmeasurable, then you have one that proves the contrary. Okay, I’m quirky, a fanatic. Someone who does not forget.

So, apparently, mayor Jorritsma is not so happy with me. Can I imagine? If you listen to my podcast you will hear strong criticism from me. WijEindhoven does not work and I discuss that. The mayor and the College make mistakes.

I understand that Mayors in the Netherlands are under pressure. I know what it feels like to be threatened, to get carcinomas, to be pelted, to be a whore, a dirty Jew, to be called blind cunt Jew. Things that are normal in Eindhoven.

Well, I can do very sadly. But my happiness is my responsibility. Not that of the municipality of Eindhoven. How, by the way, can a bureaucratic attitude be committed to someone’s happiness? Institutions work within bureaucratic guidelines. Happiness is something else. That does not fit within rules. Ask yourself this: what makes you happy? How would you incorporate it into official guidelines or in legal texts?

But where then? An Israeli passport is useful. Unless you have to travel across the Middle East. Then it is a concern. Not sure. But for safety’s sake, I avoid the Middle East. A simple rule of thumb: not over the Middle East, unless it is with El Al.

I have been thinking about what I am looking for in a country. A country that gets pleasure from me as a resident. What they get:
– An open libertarian,
– Someone who gets stuck in files,
– Someone who publishes and has media strength,
– Someone who does not rely on the social security and welfare state,

What I am looking for:

  • No income tax,
  • – No corporation tax,
  • – A weak government as a beautiful protection against corruption,
  • – No military interest,
  • – No raw materials that make an invasion desirable or profitable,
  • – They must welcome Israeli passport holders (or not),
  • Accessible by aircraft,

Well, I found one. They are listed in my Tax-Free Passport Report. I do not care that I am Jewish. That I am willing to make an investment that will help the country further and make my publications available for interesting content without any problem. Content that takes care of opened stories and profiling with investors and entrepreneurs. Okay, I will lose the Dutch passport. I then have to leave the Schengen zone after 3 months for a period of 3 months. The Brexit makes London a bit more affordable. That is not a Schengen zone. I get something in return: a government that is happy with me and happy with me.

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