The midterm elections are here. The election season is here. Meaning we need to think about democracy and if it works or not. What are the methods to improve the democratic system?

With all the European critics on the Trump administration, it is interesting to see what’s happening and how the democracy works within the European Union.

If we take a look at the European Parliament it is interesting to notice that the average Member of the European Parliament (MEP) has a larger constituency than the average member of parliament in the European Union.

One method to improve European Democracy would be to increase the number of MEP’s. Let’s say we increase it with a factor 10. Meaning smaller constituencies. This dramatically reduces the costs of running a campaign. At the same time to allow minorities and special interest groups to see there influence being declined at the benefit of the average person, the taxpayer.

The other problem with special interest groups is the fact that a good special interest group is capable of running a very effective lobby. Famers depend around the world on subsidies. At the expense of the average person who simply allows good food for a low price. Let’s say that the average farmer gets USD 10,000 a year in subsidies. They are prepared to spend quite some money on the lobby. While the average taxpayer is simply working.

There are a few benefits when we reduce the number of votes being needed for successful elections:

  • Large groups of consistencies increase the costs of running a successful campaign,
  • Large constituencies mean it is difficult for politicians to manage without relying on special influence groups,
  • The value of a voter for an average politician is declined when a large amount of votes is needed,
  • When a large group of votes is needed the voters are not feeling represented,
  • Personal contact is much easier when the group of consistence is relatively small,
  • Large voters group mean the elected politicians are far away from the voters,
  • A large group of voters is likely more diverse on economic and religious perspectives,

This is a prime example of the benefits around the world. The more politicians the less influence they have. Also when you are very critical against the political system it would be beneficial for you to have a drastically decreased influence politicians.

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