The world is in a trade war. Everyone against everyone is a good method to describe what and how it is at stake. So why is free trade bad? The most heard critics are that import is bad and export is good. Import kills jobs while export jobs create.

Of course, import and export can only exist if people are willing to trade. Artificial barriers make it more difficult to trade. But ultimately they fail.  Happened all the times.

If free trade is really so bad it makes completely no sense to have sanctions against countries. Then would the sanctions against North Korea make the country rich and prosperous. We all know that this is not the case.

When there is a military conflict we see that people are blocking free trade. If imports were worse than it was purely for this. So it could make sense to simply block some imports. Just so you have less ammunition at your enemies disposal. But of course, we are not only blocking the weapon trade.

The benefit of cheaper imports than the domestic market is obviously. It brings your money further. You can buy more with your money. You can increase your life and the needs you have.

sanctions and trade wars hurt both sides of the trade war. Normally you see quite some political influence and self-interest in sanctions. Just take the European sanctions against Russia as an example. The energy sector, which Europe needs is not included.

It is time that we face the facts: free trade is good. It helps to fight poverty and capitalism is capable of solving problems while other systems fail.

Off course this does not mean that we can’t make any money due to the current trade war and a global round of sanctions against each other. Or, let’s begin with something else. Let’s begin with simply keeping our wealth. To do so Gold is just what you need. You know a better reason to read the Gold report?



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