Since Donald Trump is elected as President of the United States we see an increase of 31% in FBI investigations in hate speech. But is this really a problem? Should the FBI allocate those resources to this or should we eliminate hate crime from the criminal lawbook?

So what is a hate crime? Hate crime allows the FBI and other bureaucrats to make something criminal out of something that is not criminal.

The first problem is that we could simply define issues as civil issues, no criminal offenses. What makes vandalism to a criminal offense?

What makes the situation even worse is that the definition is frequently being changed. So by doing this the bureaucrats are once again messing with the statistics. Telling you the story they like and not the truth.

One of the reasons that they are doing this is to have just another push against your freedom and liberties. All the things they achieve is that you think that there are massive problems. But the only thing they are doing is fulling you. Why not leave all those small things outside the criminal justice and use the capacity to take on corrupt civil servants.

If we look at the economics of hate-crime than we see something interesting. Hate crimes are the result of human interaction. For the legal system and all bureaucrats and the benefits of being the victim or charged with a hate crime.

The television interviews and social benefits are also there to be included in the economy of hate crime. After it, you can publish your own book and start offering lectures. So the benefits of a hate speech case are unprecedented.

Unfortunately, those facts are ignored. All we hear about is the increase in hate crimes, not the economics and supported environment to facilitate this out of touch government reactions.

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