Thanks to the system we have the rich are capable of acquiring luxury goods. This is, according to Social Justice Warriors, a bad thing. But is this really bad?

First of all, we need to realize that luxury goods are not things you need to survive. It is things which make life a lot better. But you will not pass away due to your head inside the swimming pool. It just saves you the time to go to a public swimming pool.

The SJW are calling for more taxation on luxury goods. This is because they believe that the rich have to pay there share. But let’s face it: without the rich and without the entrepreneurs we would have a terrible society.

Entrepreneurs are serving customers. They do so without any guarantee of success. They compete for labor, capital, and machinery with other entrepreneurs and the government. But the government simply takes it, under the promise of violence.

So let’s have a look at how luxury goods benefit the workers. Luxury goods are there to improve the living conditions of those who can’t afford it. With the purchase, they stimulate innovation. Innovation which is the last chance for the western world to have some form of a sustainable economy.

The choice of those who can afford it is benefiting the workers. The transport companies. Luxury goods are not created out of thin air. As is the case with money. Luxury goods demand capital goods manufacture them. They require transportation to the consumer.

So if we really intend to have luxury goods to help those who need it most. Than just abolish the taxation and government regulation on luxury goods. Let luxury goods improve the living conditions of everyone.

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