Why more shops will cose, my trip to The Hague and tax-free BitCoin investing

More shop closing in the near future. The retail sector just setteled for the e-commerce and internet revolution. The next revolution is here. So vist your favourite shop, for the tine it is still there! I went to The Hague, i bisited Chinatown and had some probnlems when entering the Ministry of Social affairs and Employment. What can the Dutch government do better for disabled people leaving benefits?There is a new campaign. Tell the UN that Jerusalem belongs to Israel! Euro Pacific, the offshore bank founded by Peter Schiff is allowing you an easy way to invest and make money with Bitcoin. Monday no show, so what should be on Tuesday show? Send a tweet to @lodewijkhof or leave a message below!


ABN AMRO and why politicians can’t fix problems

Lodewijk went to ABN AMRO for a cash withdraw and the ATM decided not to work with me. Money on the bank, got my Mastercard back. But I had no money due to an error by the ABN AMRO. Also some things: why can’t politicians solve problems and the political system explained. Comments, imput? Send a Tweet to @lodewijkhof or leave a message below

American Embassy moved to Jersualem and war in the Middle East

Trump kept his promise! The American Embassy will move from Tel Aviv towards Jerusalem. Delta has aircrafts flying without working toilet facilities. The next war in the Middle East and more profitable fun. Tweet your comment @lodewijkhof of leave a message below

BitCoin and taxation

The year is reaching the end of the year. We will see a few changes in the BitCon treatment by the tax agency. This means that BitCoin makes another step to become a new currency. Comments, ideas or suggestions? Leave a comment via @lodewijkhof or a message below.

caused the collapse of Venezuela and what it takes to solve the problems

It’s the last show of the week and the first of December! The holiday season is here. Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan. But Meghan is subject to the FATCA, the taxation that drove many expats crazy. Is she the next high earner, smart person to revoke her citizenship and go for a tax-free citizenship? The Trump Tax-reform should being used to abolish FATCA! If you are looking for a contrair investment, check this lovelyf soft commodity. It could make you high profits.Air France KLM launched a low cost airliner, unions are ready to oppose this. They prefer being homeless and out of a job. Everyone looks at the OPEC meeting. But why should we? We know what they will do. Theelectric car revolution causes a high additional demand in copper, so time to have a look at it. Lodewijk talks with grassroot activist Jose Nino. The talk is about the next failed state. What caused all the problems Venezuela has to cope with and how to fix it? Comments, ideas or suggestions? Send a tweet to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below!


What it takes to have the success you deserve

It’s time to have a look at the basics of investing. Also on a major change: the big oil company’s, they almost printed the money themselves, are changing and moving. So the energy revolution is going on. At the same time is Tesla having production limits. I talked with Mr. Oosthout. A Dutch lawyer, mediator. He has an intensive history in banking. We talked about his latest Facebook Live initative and what it takes to have success in life. Comments, ideas? Leave a message below or send a tweet to @lodewijkhof

Why the Turkish economy will collapse and how to profit from it

The Turkish Central Bank is harvesting Gold at a record pace. At the same time is the Turkish economy an accident that’s ready to happen. All signals are indicating the upcoming collapse of the Turkish economy. So let’s get ready to profit from it! Tweet your comments to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below.


What can you learn from the Air Berlin bankruptcy

IIt’s that special time of the year. The time of giving. Yes it’s shopping season. Today its Black Friday. So major discounts for everyone. But what’s the true history of this capitalistic party? The OESO had something to celebrate. They secure a record high tax burden for the people living in OESO countrys. So take your chance for a alternaitve now. The American Stock and bond market are facing records. But this can’t go on. The Trump Tax reform. The 6th largest airliner of Europe is bankrupted. Thousands left without a job. What went wrong? What can we learn? I talked with Mr. Air Berlin (Bjorn Bianotten) about this What can we learn?



Make money with penny stocks

What is the difference between BitCoin and paper money from your government? What do you think about the Russia gate? Did Russia hack the US elections and if they what’s wrong with it? Lodewijk talks with David Joseph from TSX Penny Stock. We talked about investing in penny sotcks and why to do it or not to do it. He gave the listeners a few tips for future research. Coments, questions? Send a tweet to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below.

Crypto Profits on steroids and HofProfit turns 1!

Invest in BitCoin, get your profits on steroids. We know we need to get into the Blockchain and Bitcoin Profit opportunity. But what can the signals project do for your Crypto Profits? So I talked with Wojciech BGuzkowski. Comments, suggestions? Send a tweet to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below.

N26 is expanding andit’s almost 1 year ago

N26 Black is expanding. The best banking service for Nomads is expanding. They offer everyone you need. also it’s just 1 day and HofProfit turns 1. so have a look on www.hofprofit.com. I’ll interview Mr. air Berlin. What should I ask? Send your tweets to @lodewijkhof

Robert Mugabe and the love of Africa

The weekend is over, so the podcast is here! Sinterklaas is back in The Netherlands. The child party time is being celebrated by armed Police. Robert Mugabe takes Zimbabwe hostage. The army took a coup, he resists and the people of Zimbabwe are dying. Communism is spreading across the western world. Government bureaucrats are taking control and stealing your money, your privacy, and your life. Also a few comments for improvement of service for the City Deurne. Comments? Leave a message below or send a tweet to @lodewijkhof

Venezuela defaulted on its debt.

enezuela defaulted on its government debt. The socialism in the Latin American country has failhttps://soundcloud.com/lodewijk-egbert-simon-hof/robert-mugabe-and-the-love-of-africaaed. At the same time, the children are duying. Thanks to corruption. Fnnair starts selling tickets in China via WeChat. Trump is sentenced to death. Not by a Court, by the government of North korea. This and more in the podcast.Senour comments via Twitter to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below.

Vwww.soundcloud.com/lodewijk-egbert-simon-hof/a-bankrupted-country-an d

Profitable revolution and congratulations

There are quite a few revolutions in the world! Saudi Arabia has a new corrupt dictator. While executing a genocide in Yemen they are heading towards a new war. The Mugabe era is over. The army took control in Zimbabwe. From prosperity and plenty of food to Africa and the world. Now is there nothing more than poverty. The water turns green: after you boiled it. Also a congratulation to VLM. They got the licenses.


War in the Middle East, SNAPChat, E-commerce profits and Gold & Silver

The sound of war is here. It is very likely that the Middle East will turn into a big war. The war will happen between Iran and Saudi Arabia. But why is no one talking about Saudi Arabia in the MeToo discussion? Or is murdering rape victims normal? Snapchat has a major investor. The investor allows Snapchat to enter the market Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Yahoo are not allowed. The promised e-commerce profits. The way to make money on Amazon and Alibaba. Especial now we have the shopping season! The Gold and www. market are being manipulated. Never forget and take the real assets Gold and Silver as the cornerstone of your investment portfolio. If you love your money. Comments? Send a tweet to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below


Violence, drugdealing at graveyard and if the government takes everything away

It’s time to have a look at what’s happening in Europe and the world. In Eindhoven, the violence is increasing on a daily basis. Drug dealing at the graveyard, people step each other when shopping for food. There is also a new partnership. All reports are going to be developed into courses. They are being distributed via a partnership in The Netherlands and on HofProfit.com for the English market. While more and more millionaires are pushing for the higher tax. But whey is they not donating the money to the government and why are they moving money to offshore accounts? I also interview Toine Manders, a Dutch lawyer and a true enemy of the state. Comments, suggestions? Send a tweet to @lodewijkhof or leave a coment below.

MeToo, Happy Singels Day Twitter and Gold

The MeToo debate keeps going on. But is the MeeToo debate well fair? Alibaba hosted one of the biggest e-commerce success stories in the world: Happy Singles Day! Celebrate you don’t have a relationship. The power of e-commerce in China. While Trump is in Asia the chance of a war with North Korea is increasing. The war drums are there. So what is the profit to be expected on a war? Also some economic history: the Gold standard. Did it allow the great depression to be really great? Twitter doubled in size. From now on you have 280 characters instead of 140.A final comment on government spending and economic growth.


Tesla Profits, innovation and the war in Iceland

Lithium-ion battery production powering Iceland recovery. Average unit price 39,500 USD Electric cars need it. Airbus, the European aerospace, and aviation company recently launched a joint venture for a super bike. The talk of the game is Scandium. One of the few metals we need to get out of the innovations. Mainly from DRC Congo. Yes, there where wars are as certain as the discretion of a Swiss banker. Tesla, Daimler, Volkswagen, Porsche, Airbus they all need it. Imagine a 15% lighter aircraft, allowing aircrafts to fly with less energy, to have a more efficient space orbit. Or an efficient electric bike
Gold market. The big problem is the shortage of new resources they founded. It will take over 5 years to get a new mining facility working. So no matter what the price is doing: the gold industry can’t produce. If your gold investment is not profitable around now, a good price level simply goes out. It is unlikely it will ever make you money. The big problem is the lack of new found gold. At the same time, there are more and more signals that the failing central banking policy of unlimited money printing is failing.
Iceland Crypto currency warzone? The next warzone in the global currency war is Iceland. The country which suffered tremendously in the financial crisis: it went bankrupted and at the IMF meeting associated with it the finance minister checked how much money he had with him. Because he didn’t know if his credit card would work. BitCoin, thorium and other crypto currencies are being mined in a new way. They don’t have a big physical mine, it’s computer hardware.
Are high houses important for the economic recovery? Should we really care about it from an economic perspective? Is that what is important? But what does high house prices mean? Yes, you can sell your house for a high price. But if you are a buyer. It simply means a buyer needs to pay more. You need to pay more rent to make a house a profitable investment. So if there is a new employment center you need to pay more. So higher debt. Is that worth it? Sounds more like: high inflation is good, hurray! We need high inflation, the consumers love to pay more for goods and services. Not sure about you: I always go for the lower price and good quality. The Robber Barrons’The people who made a fortune due to corruption, illegal activity and so on. The people who drove the money out of the pockets of hard-working people directly out of the pockets and into their bank accounts. Steel, oil, banking, railroads. But is the truth not that the political entrepreneurs are the problem? Do you like an inefficient company, powered by tax payers and inefficiency? Or do you favor a company that really cares about its customers and moves in the interest of customers?


The Uranium One FakeNews

New BitCoin.record. BitCoin brakes record after record. Trump Saudi Arabia relationship. After Bretton Wood Conference the USD became the world currency. USD backed by gold. This was temporary suspended. This suspension is still active. Saudi Royal Family and US government created partnership: Saudi Arabia would use its position to demand USD payment for oil and take advantage of its dominant OPEC position. This powered the Petrodollar, financing terrorism around the world. The Saudi Royal Family would invest petrodollars in American companies and USA treasury. With energy transition, this will cost the USD dominant position as world reserve currency. Iran danger The Hague murder. Iranian political leader lost his life. He has shot death in the international city of law and justice. The Chinese Silk Road project and the infrastructure program. This means there is a massive commodity import going to happen. High-speed railroads, airport,s highways, harbors, the wall with Mexico. It’s all needed and it takes commodities to build them. Uranium One. The company is acquired by a Russian company. Which is controlled by the Kremlin. Hillary Clinton got the comment that she worked for this company prior to her Presidential bid. Hillary opponents say she sold strategi energy resources to the Kremlin. Tru problem is that the USA will need atomic energy for 50% of energy production. The Uranium to power the nuclear powerplants is mainly in Kazakstan. Canada and Australia have signed long-term contracts. Those contracts force them to ship to India and China. Russia doesn’t need Uranium One to control USA energy. All the need to do is block Kazakstan uranium exports

Facebook is after your most private pictures

Facebook is after your private pictures. So submit now your most private pictures to Facebook. Why are they after your private pictures and (more important) why do you make private pictures? Akzo Nobel is active in the Volvo Ocean race and they made some critical sport marketing errors. Amazon launched its prime service to The Netherlands. What does it mean for the retail world? Sligro needs a solution for its supermarket company EMTE. But what is a sustainable solution? Comments, leave a comment below or send a tweet to @lodewijkhof.


The Paradise Papers

The Paradise Papers are released. The leftish Prime Minister of Canada is named in tax evasion. After the Panama Papers, he named everyone engaged in tax evasion bad. But he is doing it also. Why does he not pay the high tax on his money?We celebrate the 100 year annivorsory of the Russian Revolution. Communism thrived, collectivism thrived and millions of people are being murdered. All in the name of being a patriot, so prepare before it’ is to late! BitCoin is going to get a new tax status. From a asset to a coin. This new potential upward potential means there is even more crypto profits to be expected. So join the BitCoin Profits. Puerto Rico is being rebuild. After the terrible natural disasters. But the contracts are being offered privately. No transparancy. So corruption is getting all the changes it needs. The failing central bank policy is a enormous subsidy for failing bureaucrats and inefficient bureacrats. What will happen when the government bonds get the value of the money they are printed upon? Or junk bonds? Leave your comments via twitter @lodewijkhof or submit a comment below.

WhatsApp is down

Last weekend there was a WhatsApp shutdown in Europa and south East Asia. There where the world makes money. However 15% of the mobile data usage in Africa is WhatsApp. Next to it the situation on Gold, how to make money on bitCoin is being duscissed. Finally an employee terminated President Trump’ his twitter account. Just when President Trump celebrates 1 year in office.

Tax free passport report is out

The report on the tax-free passport /is out. So just in case, you don’t like to pay tax. Just if you like to keep the greedy government and tax officers out of your hard-earned money. Consider it, it’s the quick route to never pay tax again in your life. Marijuana profits are a big hype and mainly launched to increase tax revenue. Politicians only legalized it so they can increase inefficient spending. But you can make money out of this. Just be aware of a pump and dump scheme. The new FED chair is appointed. Trump decided to pick Powell. So more of the same nonfunctioning monetary policy. Unfortunately, a complete collapse of the USD is unavoidable. So why are you not preparing yourself financially for it and make money out of it? Tweet your comments and suggestions to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below.

The YouTube and videomarketing special

YouTube has over 30 million page views a day. Over 5 million videos are being watched every day. The video is one of the fastest fields of internet marketing. Vloggers make small fortunes by sharing their complete life. So the promised YouTube and video marketing special is here. A starting point for your video success. Also, see YouTube Bully and VideoMarketing. Comments, imput or suggestions? Leave a comment below or send a tweet to @lodewijkhof

The outflow in Chinese tech, Fintech and the collapse of the stock market

There is a major outflow of investment money out of China. But is this with good reason or not? Within 8 years half of the oil rigs in the North Sea are vacant. What are they going to do with it? In the Innovative Energy Report are a few investment options outlined. Are they using this opportunity to drive sustainable friendly energy forward, without subsidy? It’s certain that the system will collapse. Riots, swat teams and the theft of your food. Are you ready, are you prepared? Do you enjoy to stay in all the violence or do you prefer to lay down at a safe beach? Trump will pick a new FED chair. A great opportunity to bring some intelligence and proven policy of the FED. The current FED policy ensured that we are facing a major (stock) market collapse. Nothing Trump can do it, but what will his response be? In case you care to profit from the collapse of the stock market: get your hands on the Gold Report. Protect your wealth and be the person to thrive from it. Listen now and send your comments to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below.

After the Dutch Design Week and the collapse of Air Berlin

The weekend is over. The sardines are finished. The last bag went on the bbq. In a few months 12 bags of lovely sardines. Lodewijk talks next to this about the collapse of Air Berlin. Also some talks about the Dutch Design Week / DDW17. Leave your comment below or send a tweet to @lodewijkhof

The end of an era

The KLM retires it’s last Fokker aircraft. Although it’s good pr for London City Airport it’s bad for Dutch manufacturing. What will happen with Bombadier and the C series commercial aircrraft? Comment below or send a tweet to @lodewijkhof

Hainan expands and quick travel to China

It’s a quick show. Lodewijk talks about what’s happening. It’s all about the new Hainan Airlines flight towards Shanghaij. After the daily Beijng flight they expanded. Brussels Airport also seeks Air Belgium and VLM start up operations. What do you think on what’s happening? Tweet your comments to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below.


Make money with options and BitCoin

Lodewijk is back from a trip to the Ministry of Healthcare, Welfare and Sports. He talked about what’s possible as improvement and cost saving in the disability care. Lodewijk talks about the latest Apple news. Apple invests in wireless energy. But if you have red the Innovative Energy Report you was already aware of this innovation and potential profit center! In case you misssed it: check it out. Lodewijk also talks about Saudi Arabia, which is going green. The biggest oil producer goes into solar energy. Also a great and nsiprational interview on option investing and blockchain. What’s the best way to invest in blockchain and bitcoin? In case you are interested in investing in this you should also check this report. Just to ensure that you will not miss any Crypto Profits. Comments, questions? Send a tweet to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below.

https://soundcloud.com/lodewijk-egbert-simon-hof/make-money-with-options-and-is-bitcoin-a-coinThe Dutch Design Week and the power of multi level marketing

It’s Monday and the Dutch Design Week is on! So expect shows from the center of the DDW17! Lodewijk talks with you about the weekend. Home improvement, gardening, and a bbq. Also, some threats were being made to Lodewijk. Removing something that you don’t like from private property is not a safe thing to do in Eindhoven! Lodewijk talks with Gordon Attard. Gordon is a cook, went into network marketing or multi level marketing. He travels the world and he lives on beautifull Malta.

It’s Monday and the Dutch Design Week is on! So expect shows from the center of the DDW17! Lodewijk talks with you about the weekend. Home improvement, gardening, and a bbq. Also, some threats were being made to Lodewijk. Removing something that you don’t like from private property is not a safe thing to do in Eindhoven! Lodewijk talks with Gordon Attard. Gordon is a cook, went into network marketing or multi level marketing. He travels the world and he lives on beautifull Malta. Comments, suggestions? Send a tweet to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below.

Make money on green investments and peace

Great news from Lodewijk! He reache4d a partnership with the City of Eindhoven. So it seems that there is peace! Lodewijk talked with Tom Lassing about green investing and cleantech investing. What are the tips and tricks to make money on the green field? Comments, imput or suggestions? Tweet @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below.

Why are you not a millionaire?

We all want to become millionaire. That’s a nice motivation to invest. A nice motivation to look further than our nose is long.  I had an interview with an old friend: Tom Lassing. We discussed his intriguing story. During the .com bubble, a company starts and leaves. Once you leave the company you have slehts 2 months money. 2 months you can eat. Now he is a millionaire, all self made.What are the lessons we can learn from this? How can we achieve this? Listen now to this engaging conversation. Comments, imput? Leave a comment or send a tweet to @lodewijkhof

Why living in China is better than in the west and having success with your vlog

Catalonia and what’s happening in Europe. After the Brexit, a Venice referendum and the Catalonia referendum. What’s the problem in Europe with democracy? Lodewijk is heading for the other side of the world. So it’s time to get informed and why you should join me. I interview China vlogger Audrey Guidry on why living in China is better than the west. We close with a chat on what’s needed for success with a vlog. Comments, ideas, suggestions? Send a tweet @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below

Educational failure and Catalonia

The first show of a new week. Lodewijk talks about the failure of educational system in Eindhoven. also on what’s happening in Catalonia due to the referendum and the fight with democracy in Europe

The power of a good businessplan with Nick Howe

President Trum had his UN speech. Rocket man on suicide mission. Lodewijk talks with Nick Howe, business banker from NatWest in London. We discussed the power of a good businessplan, why you should make it and some tips on developing it. To connect with Nick on LinkedIn or twitter contact me @lodewijkhof

The liberation of Eindhoven and John Rubino on how to benefit from the collapse of the Dollar

Yesterday was the day of liberation. 18 September 1944, the terror of the Second World War ended. Eindhoven has the lightjet route and, among other things, a Mayor’s speech. This calls the liberation the same as MH17. As if the occupants were happy that they were shot out of the air. Lodewijk also speaks with John Rubio. It is about the collapse of the Dollar. What’s going to happen, why does the Dollar collapse and how can we earn it? Comments, suggestions? Send a tweet or leave a comment on

The future of Afghanistan and B2B E commerce

It’s the first day of the week. Lodewijk talks on some secrets on b2b e commerce succes and a wall. The Wall Trump is currently building. Lodewijk also interviews Scott Horton regarding his book Fool’s errand: Time to end the war in Afghanistan. See Amazon to order the book. Comments or suggestions? Leave a comment below or send a tweet to @lodewijkhof


North Korea and the future with Scott Horton

It’s a terrible week. 16 Years ago there was a terrible attack. 9/11 Was the day that changed the world. But what’s happening on the North Korea case. I talked with Scott Horton about North Korea and a solution. Comments, ideas or have something to say? Leave a comment or simply tweet @lodewijkhof.

Neil Patel and the Profitable Brexit

The Profitable Brexit report is out. So clam your chance now on a discount and making money on this change.Lodewijk interviews Neil Patel. They talk on what’s needed to become online succesfull. Questions or comments? Leave them below or send a tweet to @lodewijkhof


Peter Keller on ECommerce profits

It’s the last show of the week. Lodewijk talks with E Commerce guru Peter Keller about making money online. Peter started his company from his garage, now his company has a 7 figures turnover. They talk e commerce, city future and what you need to become the next ecommerce succes. Tweet your comments and suggestions to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment.

Vincent Everts on Blockchain, Crypto currency and Bitcoin

Lodewijk has a update on what’s happening with the City of Eindhoven. Next to that it’s time to talk about Blockchain, crypto technology and the BitCoin revolution. Lodewijk interviews Dutch futurist Vincent Everts on the blockchain topic. In the Trump moment it’s about DACA policy killed by Trump.

Foreign correspondents and Trump

Sorry for the silence. After the bbq a lot has happened and so it’s time to be informed. What do you say about the misery in Eindhoven? In addition, an interview about Trump with a foreign correspondent. A nice conversation about how the world looks at President Trump and what is happening in the world. Finally in the Trump moment why Trump landed deeper in the swamp. Tweet your comments to @lodewijkhof or leave them below!

After the BBQ

Lodewijk is back. A quick and short episodehttps://soundcloud.com/lodewijk-egbert-simon-hof/after-the-bbq. Lodewijk is talking about the offer to be a correspondent and reviews the bbq. Tweet your comments and suggestions.

The next steps

It’s the first show of the week. A new week in the rest of your life! It’s a quick and short show. Lodewijk announces a few interviews. The Trump moment is on the terrible violence in Jacksonville and the Trump responce. Tweet your comment to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below



Gold, Silver & Trump

Today show is about Gold and Silver. The investment with a historical value. The cornerstone of your financial survive. In the Trump moment it’s about the Deep State. what happens if governement employees are planning the economy? Comments? Leave a message or send a tweet to @lodewijkhof



Eindhoven, Brexit and North Korea

Lodewijk had a new interaction with the City of Eindhoven. It’s about a property taxation issue. When will they learn that taxation is pure fraud and criminal?
After the Brexit and article 50 the British economy is slowing down. But is this a bad thing or just a chance to make the Brexit a profitable moment for you?
Eindhoven is proud on it’s knowledge intensive economy. But the defenders of capitalism, Elliot Capital Management, is working on the sale of NXP. What will this mean for the Eindhoven economy and the high paying jobs?
A new financial scandal! The Bank of England bought the war bonds during The Great War. They hided those war bonds on the balance sheet and lied about it. Can you trust your central bank or is it time for a alternative?
Netflix has a small setback. Disney is withdrawing it’s content. They also have a plan for the much needed ESPN turnaround.
The Trump moment is about the nuclear threat coming from North Korea.
Comments, questions or suggestions? Simply leave a comment or send a tweet to @lodewijkhof


Healthy Travel

It’s the first broadcast of the week. Also a historic moment! Today, the first interview ever comes in the podcast! Fabrizio Poli is the author of the book Healthy Traveler.In addition, an update of Louis about the current file with the municipality of Eindhoven. The idea of government is of the past. The best time to think about the concept of government.
In the Trump moment it is about leaking. What is Trump going to do about the continuous leaks of civil servants?

What’s needed for Greece and what will the future bring for SoundCloud

Why you need to think about demographics in your investment. Also SoundCloud is terminating employeees. What’s needed for the company to be a profitable success? In the Trump moment a question about Obamacare? Tweet your comment to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment!



The Trump wall means 3 x prodits

A big sorry for the silence. Lodewijk had a small victory on the City of Eindhoven. As promised it’s time for the Illinois and Chicago genocide and pension collapse. The Trump Wall means 3 x profits. Are you ready to take those profits?


Police, Darkweb and Erdogan

The first episode of a new week.
Lodewijk talks on a victory. The Police has shutdown a darkweb website. But why is the government targeting the darkweb? Lodewijk had a twitter conversation with @wavaartbroek. Erdogan found a new way to betray the people of the world. Revealing secret American military operations in Syria. In the Trump moment it’s all about the new communication officer. Tweet your comments to @lodewijkhof

Tax on the stones in your back garden and Free Toine Manders

A new Dutch taxation. The stones in your backgarden. The more stones the higher the tax you have to pay. A prime example of a terrible taxation and the government that’s out of control. Sligro is going to sell it’s supermarket division. Likely going to bring in EUR 400,000,000 but where did it go wrong? A Dutch libertariean hero is under attack. The government is angry that he fought the Dutch government by law. A crowdfunding campaign to support his fight for freedom. The Trump moment is on a new travel ban, a travel ben for Republicans. Tweet your comments to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below

Amsterdan is out of control and the Visa Cashless Business challenge

A artist had a present for the City of Amsterdam employees. They rewarded his gesture with a fine of EUR 140,-. Visa is attacking the last bastion of cash payments: the restaurant business. Do you endorse the idea of the government checking out where you pay for what? The Obamacare repeal is happening and that’s in the Trump moment. Tweet your questions to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below.

The failure of sanctions and blowing yourself up with your child

Sanctions between Russia and the west. They are failing. It’s time for free trade as it’s the only thing to drive the human race forward. A feminist decided to blew herself up. That’s terrible. She decided to also murder her child. The Trump moment is about Kahn, Mayor of London comments on Trump. Tweet your comments to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment.


Trump meets Macron while the Brexit talks are underway and violence in Venezuela

It’s BastilleDay and Trump meets Macron in France. But what are the true French problems? The European Union and the United Kingdom are talking about the Brexit. Also crypto profits and what’s happening in Venezuela. Why a referendum is such a dangerous thing.

Profitable climate change

It’s the last show of he week. Lodewijk talks about profiting on global warming. Why not use subsidys to finance innovations? Also quite some talk about the Doanld J. Trump Jr. emailgate. Why does no one ask questions about the crimes of Hillary Clinton? Also your chance for a 50% discount on The Profitable Brexit and the Xtreme Profits in crypto currencys report.

When EUR 3,500 a month isn’t enough and 2,000 murders a week

Yesterday there was no show and Lodewijk says sorry. Why we had no show. After that it’s a small reminder. Tweet your questions about healthy travel and business jets to @lodewijkhof.  After that Lodewijk is on the Copenhagen strike. Do you think EUR 3,500 a month is enough as a salary? In the Trump moment it’s why we need to abolish Obamacare and why there is a problem within the FDA. Tweet your comments and suggestions to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment.

The collapse of Europe

Some great news: the first interview guest is secured. It’s Fabrizio Poli so tweet your question to him now to @lodewijkhof. After that announcement it’s time to have a look at the problems of Europe. The Trump moment is updated and is on the Russia gate. Why does no one investigates the bad news about Hillary Clinton. Comments, suggestions? Send a tweet to @lodewijkhof


Save Charlie Gard

It’s the first show of the week. Lodewijk begins with the shocking story of Charlie Gard and the latest developments. What’s happening on it and why does it matter for all of us.
Next to that there are some developments in Lodewijk’s issues with the City of Eindhoven. The latest and it’s very likely that they will get angry so don’t miss out!
In the Trump moment it’s about the G20 in Hamburg. Demolition offered by leftish terrorist. The demolition looks like what Islamic terrorists did in Iraq in years. Why it’s good that Trump spook out on Charlie Gard and ensured the United States of America will remain out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Comments, ideas or suggestions? Send a tweet to @lodewijkhof or leave a comment below.

Leftish G20 riots

There is a G20 summit in Hamburg. Leftish demolitions service offered for free in the town center. Next to it some questions about the need of those summits and alternatives to hold those summits in a more safe & peaceful surrounding.
Also the hangmock that I need to put together. After that also the talks on the secret agenda of Angela Merkel,
Some administrative errors at Brabant Water and some thinking about a survey of a route between London City Airport and Brussels Airport. Comments, ideas or suggestions? Leave a comment or send a tweet to @lodewijkhof

The Trump wall and busting Gold myths

Today it is about the famous wall that Trump wants to build on the border at Mexico. The Berlin Wall and the wall that built Israel prove the effect of the wall. The first effect was a humanitarian disaster (people could not escape the dictatorship of the DDR Communism) and in Israel the number of bomb attacks decreases. But Trump has a problem: he has inherited a bankrupt government. There is no money. So there must be a creative solution. Well, there are several ideas: money from drug cartels is expropriated, use money for illegal immigration shelter. The most realistic model is clear: placing solar panels. That means green flow that is profitable without subsidy. These are the interesting investment opportunities. These and more you will find in the innovative sustainable energy report. Do you give the wall of Trump your money?
Besides, Louis had some historical remarks about independence day, after all, we celebrate freedom all year long.
In addition, 6 myths about gold are deprecated. Comments or suggestions? Leave a comment or send a tweet to @lodewijkhof

Why the Silver price doesn’t matter

Silver prices are down. A interesting investment moment. However the silver price doesn’t matter for producers. Lodewijk talks on why. Next to Silver (more interesting than Gold) is it about the Brexit and the risks for the treatment of diseases. Also some talk about Trump (a returning topic from now) and North Korea. Why is Kim doing what he does and does it have anything to do with the fact that he has no children?

3,500 in 30 seconds and who will fly the pope

Lodewijk talks about 3,500 in just 30 seconds. What is Lodewijk talking about? You have a clue? Simply listen and find it out.

A update about the Brexit report. What risks are there related to the Brexit and how can you protect your wealth from it? What you think about the effects of a low Britsh Pound. The European leaders are talking about tax evasion. Although there is nothing illegal about tax evasion the politicians are talking about stopping it. But when will they stop paying money to money loosing inefficient companys? Final words, Alitalia is selling of parts of its business. But who will fly the most famous Alitalia customer? The Pope is a Alitalia customer.

The death of the Petrodollar and Brexit

The first show of the week. Lodewijk talks about the Brexit. The british are taking control over the’re own fishing grounds. This will secure the bankruptcy of several European fishing companys. But 23% of fishing quota is held by only 1 Dutch ship. A weak dollar means a high oil price. This was true in the past but it’s no longer the case. You can contribute to a alternative for the oil and make some possitive returns on it. Also a final talk about the Trump / CNN battle. Also on Fake News in Eindhoven and the PanamaPapers.


SNAP business model and the online video war

SNAP introduced a partnership with Warner. Warner produces for SNAP a 2 minute videos. This means SNAP has a business model (finally). Twitter and Bloomberg partner on dedicated video. Eurosport made a knock out bid for the television rights for the Olympic Games. What’s happening in the media and video world?

Akzo Nobel – PPG, Tax fraud due to tax agency mistakes, the collapse you should not blame Trump for and emotional incompetence in Eindhoven

PPG – Akzo Nobel and the terrible board at AKZO Nobel. They should do what’s best for shareholders and all they are thinking about is there own image.  The Dutch agency shows, once again, it’s incompetence. They cause a serie of lawsuits against those working as a highly respected and trusted Notary. The upcoming collapse of the stock markets is not Donald J. Trumps fault. It’s the FED and there fiat money system / unlimited money printing fault. Making money on climatechange and some special things in Eindhoven.Comments, tweet @lodewijkhof

A collapsing parking garage, dying kids in Venezuela and profiting on it

Lodewijk talks about what’s happening in Eindhoven and Venezuela. In Eindhoven there was the collapse of a parking garage. Costing BAM 20 million EURO (they think) and there are interesting questions to ask: If a parking garage is unsafe, how safe is a airport?  Also there is the invasion of the Islamic Union in Eindhoven. They linked this union of drugs trade. But is it just drugs trade or is it a funding source for terrorism? Venezuela has a major collapse. The society crashed and government blames it on individualism. Avoiding your child dies from hunger is such a terrible thing. At least in the eyes of the Venezuela government. Lodewijk talks about the vegetables garden. Which is doing great. Soon suitable of securing the own vegetables needs. Comments, ideas? Send a tweet to @lodewijkhof!


Muslim terror, organized crime in Eindhoven, Air Belgium, VLM Airlines and a present from Sorbo & Jan Linders

Muslims are causng violence. A bomb attack in Manchester. The Muslm Union in Eindhoven is engaged in drugs production and trading. Or is it a front for terrorism? Air Belgium decided to delay the start of it’s operatons and Lodewijk on why he think that is a good thing. A big contratulations to VLM Airlines. Also some background on the vegetbles in the back garden and a present from Sorbo and Jan Linders Supermarkets.

Lodewijk unplugged

Lodewijk going it’s talk. About all the things you intend to know and you like to know. Listen now!

Press freedom and advertising boycot

Big news in The Netherlands. Feminists are asking advertisers not to advertise on GeenStijl and Dumpert. Those 2 highly popular websites are not saying what they like. Including a boycot and call to action !

Is Venezuela collapse caused by the low oil price and the murder on the 8 month old Charlie Gard.

Venezuela faces a complete collapse of society. The socialistic government blames western private sector entrepreneurs and the low oil price. But is this true? Or is it caused by it’s own policy? Charlie Gard was a 8 month old baby with a rare disease. Upon Court order is he murdered by the hospital. His parents where not allowed to use charity money to cure there beloved son.

Labour day, decline and collapse of social security and related ponzi scheme and Joyce Korsten

It’s labour day. Or the day the leftish people are offering there unwanted and unneeded demolition services. So violence around the world and a terrible accident in Paris, where a Police officer was set on fire. Also some talks about the decline of social benefits. The bo ernment is reducing the benefits from it’s ponzi scheme. Also a update about the Joyce Korsten case.


Survive a terror attack and who is responsible for the robotification of low paid employees

It’s the last show of the week. Lodewijk talks about surviving a terror attack and being a prepper for that. Also some talks about the IslamicState terror attack in Paris. After that moving on to Dutch government employee prosecuted for having paid sex with kids and how the government is dealing with tax advisors. After that a interesting question: who is responsible for low paid jobs being automated?

North Korea a peaceful solution, being a prepper and the profitable Brexit

Lodewijk talks about the North Korea issue. A new way to hurt the North Korea regime. Next to it Lodewijk talks about the profitable Brexit, and how to prepare for a social unrest


Prepare for social chaos and collapse of society, Eindhoven and Easter

The Easter is over. We must return to work, a nice long weekend with family. What did you do with Easter? It iss time to prepare for chaos and the collapse of the samenelving. In addition, there has been a hearing with the city of Eindhoven. On Good Friday still. It is time to look at North Korea and how it affects the world. Few realize how China is here. What else is the foundation of China’s foreign policy? We can write a new chapter in the book that the United Airlines PR debacle hot. Finally; city promotion. Many cities give tax money on this point. They all compete in the same events and tourists.


Prepare for home invastion, Gold up as WWIII comes closer and Brexit riots near Gibraltar

Prepare for illegal entry of your home. Are you ready to defend your property? At a time when the government does not nakomst its promises? It’s almost Easter. Because everything is closed one day free. So Monday is not a program.
Lodewijk is talking with the city of Eindhoven. A call to de-escalate intimiatie and threats of violence. Let me hope that it proceeds peacefully. Gold up for conflict. Are you ready to make money? In addition, clear evidence that Assad used chemical weapons. What did Al Qaeda with chemicals? The latest on North Korea and what is a sensible option.
Netherlands has a freelancer law. A law that affects more than 1 million employed workers hard.Spanish fighting near Gibraltar.

City of Eindhoven in the news: are they in xtc, Facebook innovation and prepping for a natural disaster

XTC lab found in Eindhoven. The building is owned by the city. Is it a new method of sorting out the deficit, the city will go the track or discrimination …The student loan collapse. Default 93% expected in USA in NL current 13% and expected to go up. The latest what’s happening between Trump – Korea and China Tightening the lovely pandas are coming to The Netherlands. A prime example of other private sector entrepreneurship. Facebook group payment, Ideal to split the bill and optional add to your Facebook shop. A new method FinTech and block chain is changing. The protectionism in The Netherlands on Unilever (low performer) and Akzo Nobel. Why protect private company’s? They should focus on the realization of shareholder value. Prepping for a natural disaster. How to survive for a flooding, hurricane or other natural Disaster. When the government, who you are forced to pay, are letting you down.
Memorial services for Keith Palmer, Syria, North Korea, UnitedAirlines and airline safety and announcing the Profitable Brexit Report

The show is growing. Lodewijk talks on waht’s happening on United Airlines. The current customer boycott at United Airlines Also it’s time to honor Keith Palmer. The hero That stopped London terrorists. A hero.

Nothing axis profitable as a confused. It’s a bad thing, but a true thing. So let’s talk about North Korea and Syria. The upcoming major problems in the world from a war perspective.

Also some great news. A Profitable Brexit investment report will get out. Make some money.on this!


Syria, Yasin Torungula and the failure of government. Are you a prepper and also going for organic food

The first show of a new week! Lodewijk comments on the gardening and prpeper weekend. The need to grow your on sustainable food. After it it’s commenting on the latest in geopolitics. The increasing tension in Syria. The best ways to profit on it and prepare yourself for it. After that Lodewijk comments on alderman Yasin Torungolu and discrimination in his programs. The programs to bring those on unemployment benefits to a financial succes as entrepreneur.

Brexit from Gibraltar perspective and name a aircracft

Lodewijk talks about the Brexit. But this time it’s from the perspective of Gibraltar and the failed Spanish attempt to partner with Maroc. After it it’s time for a give away. If you like to name a aircraft and winn a bottle of champaign. Listen to the show and visit  Don’t forget to tell them you come from HofProfit.Promised Facebook link

Bombs are exploding and the retail armongedon

It’s birthday time! Lodewijk celebrated his birthday last weekend. He also talks about what’s happening in Russia and those terrible attacks. After that a nice talk about the retail armangedon, the chances e commerce and your own webshop are offering you. At last a interesting radio offer. Should this podcast go on air in Memphis in the United States?

Terror in Brussels

One year ago some loonatics blow themselve up in Brussels Airport and Brussels town. Lodewijk talks about what’s happening and how it’s developing. Also what’s happening at VLM Airlines, air Belgium and Brussels Airlines. As Lodewijk is sick it’s a short show.

The lies that will kill the Euro

Lodewijk talks about the silence on the podcast and how the battle with the City of Eindhoven is going on. After that it’s election talk. Dutch elections, the Brexit and all the fun comming from it. Also there is a promise for a consultancy daughter.

After that Lodewijk talks on the lies that created the euro and the unfair system countrys are dealing with Greece, Italy. Also how politicians are dealing with companys and tnerpeneurs. In other words: discriminate them and protect bureacuratic government organizations. Share your comments to @lodewijkhof!

Panama, Eindhoven and expat banking

Hello lovely friends. Lodewijk talks about what’s happening in the issues with the City of Eindhoven and EUR 1,000.00 he had to spend. Next to that it’s time to talk interantional banking, after the InterNations and Barclays partnership, and talking on the reasons of Panama succes.

If you push the red botton against the government

Welcome back! Lodewijk talks about what’s happening in Eindhoven. He talks about what the City of Eindhoven is doing and honoring there contribution in life. He places it in a historical context. After that lodewijk talks about real estate investing and going on air. Comments? Send a tweet to him @lodewijkhof

Weekend time! So let’s talk Brexit and ecommerce

The last podcast of the week. Lodewijk talks about a ecommerce partnership he is in, the changes the internet caused for the world. After that it’s time to talk about the Belgium airline start up which has ambitious plans. Questions or comments? Tweet @lodewijkhof

Buy Gold with a 10% discount and investing in Uranium

Lodewijk has exciting news. Talking on buying Gold 10% below the market price and what’s happening on the aviation market. Finnair and Alipay have a partnership and Lodewijk discusses what he thinks. Next to Gold there is a interesting commodity investment Lodewijk talks about. Interesting if you like to doubble your money. Ideas, comments? Simply send a tweet to @lodewijkhof

High speed rail connections valued 10 billion and other government infrastrture spending

Lodewijk talks about government spending. He mentiones a few projects and what politicians are talking about. A high speed railtrack of 10 biillion, a regional airport which is over valued and the incompetence of people to get and go for a efficient solution. What do you think? Tweet: @lodewijkhof

South African baking heist

Lodewijk talks about the City of Eindhoven and his stand of freedom of speech and the liberty. After that he talks on the lovely business of ALDI  and why it’s a great firm. After that Lodewijk talks about what’s happening in South Africa and how Mandela is remembered by socialising and more government control on the South Africa financial sector.

Back after silence

Lodewijk talks in this episode on the silence. What’s happening with the city of Eindhoven and some changes he made. He explains the digital nomad life and explains how crazy the City of Eindhoven is. Also some talks about getting the podcast on American radio. Last worth was the Trump travel ban. Comments: tweet @lodewijkhof

A lovely new week

It’s Monday. A lovely day! Lodewijk talks about what’s happening over at HofProfit. Some new reports are coming to you soon. They are about Gold, silver, Japanese candles and how to avoid being a investment / financial fraud victim. No he is not refering to social security. After that he goes on why he does not understand Joyce Korsten of Novadic Kentron and her co workers. About mis spend tax payer money and a prime example of the failure of a social welfare state.

After that it’s time to talk about what happened last weekend. That’s the peace talks in Paris for the Middle East. But where where the Palenstinian authorities and the Israeli government? Would it not be beneficial if Hezbollah would use the rockets they aim at Israel to attack IS / ISIS / ISIL?

Comment your tweets to @lodewijkhof

The government is out of control and a content marketing partnership

Lodewijk talks about what’s happening. First of all a quick Joyce Korsten update. Next to that it’s time for Lodewijk to get a dual citizenship or revoke the
Dutch citizenship. He announces a partnership on content sharing on
investment articles and one of the scenario’s for the radio program
is dropped. For the rest the wish is easy: have a lovely weekend
celebration drink and send your comment @lodewijkhof


The Caribean residence by investment summit and laptop problems

Lodewijk talks about snow and why he
does not like the Snow. After that he talks about the message I had
about the Joyce Korsten case and why it’s important to defend freedom
of speech and why freedom is not a meaningless word but a
perspective. After that he talks about some issues he had on his
laptop and the work for today: making a travel budget, a residence by
investment / economic citizenship report and a innovative sustainable
energy report.


The good things of President-Elect Trump and winning at the worst of your travel experience

It’s the first episode of the new week
so a new week of opportunity for profits and excellence. Lodewijk
talks about what’s good for business and investors of the
President-Elect Trump. He gives some examples on why America is sick
and the government is out of control. After that’s it’s time to
increase your joy during travel by winninning at the worst: border
agents. There are some really handy tips in this podcast for you to
check out. After that it’s time to look at what reactions you gave.
They are about this podcast going on air in the United States, which
options are there and what will it mean. Also some comments about the
Joyce Korsten case so that’s exmplained as well. What do you think
about this? Simply send a tweet: @lodewijkhof

Progress made on the radio version and placing Jooyce Korsten in a historical context

Lodewijk talks this episode about the
progress which is made for going on air. Nest to the different
scenario’s is now also the “on air” format of Hof Profit
exlained. He alsi introduces a new feature and nominates the first
person. The scumbag of the week will be a weekly item. Someone doing
wrong and the first nomination is Joyce Korsten. Lodewijk explains
why she is nominated and yes she is also nominated as first scumbag
when this program goes on air. After that Lodewijk exlains what his
problem with The Netherlands is. He talks about policy in The hague
(internaitonal law & peace town) on taking all the money of the
Jewish survivors of WWII

Property tax & fighting back
Welcome to the first episode of the year. Lodewijk talks taxation and the property taxation appeal / fighting business in Eindhoven. He talks about first hand experiences with this frauduilent system and how to fight it.

After that he announces what’s on tomorrow show and how to get a, temprorary $160,- discount.


Wind of change and profits in the war
Lodewijk talks about what’s happening in Aleppo. Where to make money out of it and where to see the benefits of the current wind of change. With some historical perspectives being added to it


After the scoop & Christmas sales
Description We are living the day after the big scoop. And what people are thinking about it. What was the fall out and which fall out diood the presidency Trump mean for investors?

Big scoop & food retail
Description Lodewijk has a big scoop about sligro food Group and EMTE. There is some talk about a rumour and Lodewijk is the first person bringing it. It’s also talking about what’s happening in the (Dutch) but also broader retail and food distribution.

Unexpected collapse in America
About donald J. Trump is President-Elect. Several job moves are announced (Softbank and US Steel) but something that we are not hearing about is the collapse of a industry. It seems that the Trump election did bring something: a complete change in the prepper and organic food community. But what’s wisdom?


Podcast 2
Welcome! Lodewijk talks about what’s happening and he starts with excuses. He talks about what’s happening on the stock market and that there is completely no sceptism.

Next to that Lodewijk talks about wha’ts available on lifelong residence permit in Panama and why this is beneficial for American and European passport holders.

After that we move to biotech and chinese investments in it. Also investments in football teams and what’s happening in the Belgium aviation market? Thanks to chinese investments there will be 1 million seats added on the Belgium – Chinese aviation market.


Hofprofit first podcast

Welcome, this is the first podcast of Hof-Profit. A new inspirational source to bring you all the information you need. Comments are appreciated: Tweet @lodewijkhof


























































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