The United States is running around the complete world. But this all started with the war against Span. The war about Cuba was with Spain. As a result of the war, the USA got itself a military base abroad. A base which is used for dealing with captured soldiers and offer them some no-nonsense interrogation service. Let’s call it the friendly torture service the USA offers to anyone in the world.

When the United States got Guantanamo Bay it was a world full of empires. We had the leading British Empire, the French Empire, the Dutch Empire. Germany was building an empire and Belgium was active in Africa. Pardon me, it was the Belgium Royal family.

As a result of the empires, the people of the USA went onwards to building an Empire themselves. So the Cuba war was part of it. As well as gaining the Philippines, Alaska (which was bought from the Russian Tsar) and the annexation of Hawaii.

The war with Spain was fought under false attempts. It was said to liberate the people of Cuba. But the truth was that the USA was intending to replace the Spanish Empire. The liberation of the people of Cuba was not any concern. As another benefit for the war: it was of high profit for the newly formed newspaper industry. A disaster for a country is always good for the news media.

If we look at what happened than it is interesting to see that only the people of the Philippines kept fighting against the latest formed empire. An empire that was rapidly growing and using wars, based upon lies, to expand.

Due to the fact that the Cuban people did not fight against this new colonial power, the USA forced Cuba to lease out a to the USA. The lease of the base was $ 12,000 a year. Which was payable in Gold. So at least the Cubans got real money for the base. But after FDR made private Gold holdings illegal he forced the Cubans to accept a new rent. Of $ 4,000 a year in worthless paper money.

Now comes interesting. The Cubans decided not to collect the cheques the USA Empire send them. The reason for it is that they say that the lease is not valid. The reason for this was that the lease was sad under fraudulent methods and there was no free choice. The alternative was a friendly genocide on Cuba by the USA empire. Next to this was said that the payment should be in Gold, the only real money, and not in worthless paper. That actually now is illegal bo be used in Cuba.

Off course this is no real issue. What matters is a military power. The USA empire could decide to invade Cuba and simply replace the current regime with some puppet regime. Why should they not do it? The USA is doing it all around the world.

So at this moment are we seeing the slow collapse of the former colonial empires. Former colonies even demand there important historical art back. So why not end this friendly torture service? Would be good for the USA image abroad and Cuba could use it as a new museum which could be advertised in the Islamic world.

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