In history most people lived in absolute poverty. This ended in the western world when the industrial revolution happened. During the industrial revolution, Europe saw tremendous growth. For example: between 1800 and 1900 the population doubled. We saw some other indication of growth. Marriage on later dates, fewer children and increase life expectancy.

The last parts are credited to the inventions which resulted from increased human intelligence. But there is something else which we should credit for it: the functioning economy and free markets.

In my opinion, is the ideal market coming as a result of self-governing people? People who decide to move forward and make there own choices. in complete freedom. This is something which is very rare nowadays. After all: some lobby group is pushing the government towards a certain goal. Normally with disastrous results for the society.

During the time we were hunters and gatherers there were no economic laws. You eat what you kill and that is it. When we entered into the agriculture revolution we gained access to more stable food and could start improving our lives. Which we did. One of the side effects is that we see limited growth. After a certain moment, we can’t simply grow. So we saw the industrial revolution happening. At that moment the world changed completely. All thanks to the steam engine.

When we look at what socialistic governments are aiming than we see that they do something which is completely against the nature of the human. They suppress the goal to gather resources, they suppress the wish for an improved life. All in the name of justice.

One excellent example of what is happening is what happened in Venezuela. In the period between the 2 wars, we saw that the economy grew, on average, by 10%. It was the country people choose to live and manage their wealth. If they had no wealth they could accumulate their wealth.

The economy of Venezuela benefited tremendously from the oil boom. This attracted skilled workers, it attracted those who have the brains to bring a country future. With the earnings, they could import more types of food, which increased the diversity and economic activity.

Have a look at the situation right now. If we look at it then it is clear that Venezuela is a failed state. No, I’ll not say that we need to kick Maduro out and put on another puppet. This will not change the problems of Venezuela.

It is aid that socialism and that leftist ideology is becoming so popular in the western world. At best we can say that the society of Venezuela committed suicide. Is this what we wish for our own society? I sincerely hope not!

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