The western alliance stroke again. They launched some rockets against the Syrian army. The western alliance is losing the war in Syria and it might help by simply not telling the Russians and Syrian forces where the rockets are going to hit. Or so simply blow up the oil infrastructure might be working.

If we look at what’s happening then we need to recognize the fact that the Arabic spring and the western coalition are failing. Democracy didn’t arrive and the so-called democratic alliance seems to be nothing more than some radical religious lunatics. Reason they where not allowed back in Switzerland was easy: they where unable to pay the hotel bill.

Now is it time to see what we need to do to solve the problems in Syria. A few easy things should be put n place to solve this problem and end the murdering of people.

  1. Stop arming the rebels,
  2. Don’t pick a side,
  3. Realise Assad is the best possible,
  4. Go after Turkey and Saudi-Arabia who have armed the terrorists from Islamic State,

Stop providing weapons. Simply don’t engage in it. There is no problem by supporting the local gun manufacturing industry. But why should taxpayers pay for the housing, clothes, and schools for refugees and send soldiers and/or guns to Syria.Let them solve there own problems. Use the money in reducing the government deficit.

Why should we pick a side? Why not stay neutral. Why not stay neutral. Switzerland had quite some economic success with this policy.

I’ll never be an Assad fan. But he brings stability and is the ruler of Syria. Why should we interact with local internal conflicts.Ask yourself who will come in his place? What will the policy be? Are they going to bring peace and stability to Syria or will they be worse than Assad?

Turkey and Saudi Arabia have armed and financed the Islamic State terrorists from day 1. Why not hold them accountable? Simply kick Turkey out of the NATO.

What do you think what the ultimate solution is to bring peace to Syria and end this conflict?

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