Recently Switzerland had a referendum to bring gun control more in line with European regulations. Unfortunately, the Swiss voters decided to move towards more European regulation. Including banning semi militaristic guns.

What sets Switzerland aside from other European countries, next to the fact that it is not a European Union member, is that the country has relative pro-gun ownership regulation.

When we look at the effect of the new limitations of freedom that we see that 80% of the Swiss people will need to report themselves as a sport shooter.

What we see in Switzerland is that people after they joined military service they need to keep their gun. After they are no longer enlisted they can simply keep the automatic gun. This means that the government is providing guns. The interesting point is that the Swiss army is known for its good craftsman skills. They are renowned as good shooters and while there is an automatic gun behind every door we don’t see any mass shooting.

It is very likely that the Swiss gun law will be more limiting. This is due to the pressure from the bureaucrats in Brussels. The Schengen treaty makes it more and more problematic for Switzerland to keep up with its good and lasting history of independence and neutrality. After all: Switzerland is about economics, not about politics.

Before the Swiss firearm regulation was really easy. Someone had to request a permit from the local police. The local Police had to give this. Unless there was a serious criminal record or mental health issues. No questions asked and no issues from the government.

One of the massive problems with the new regulation is that it is just another attempt from Europe to end Switzerland sovereignty. The attack upon the Swiss banking secrecy, started to provide Jewish people with a banking opportunity under the Hitler government of Germany, is increasing and intensifies. After all: bureaucrats hate tax evasion.

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