The United States is in a full election cycle. We will go in the coming period hear a lot about the Democratic Presidential elections. Most of the 20 candidates have no chance at all to win the nomination. If we go to the most popular candidates then we can state that the average age is heavy has been placed over the retirement age.

An important topic in the campaign will be the economy. The American economy is sick and the candidates have a plan to solve the problems. If we go to the look at plans then it is more of the same. Things that have been tried before. So why do we now get a different outcome?

Regardless of which political party is in charge and controls the White House, there is something been that the US economy has been up and running. On a method like one junk has his addiction. This is the accumulated debt mountain. A mountain that is at all levels.

We can say without a blow that the United States is far beyond their budget and economic opportunities have lived and are still alive. All those economic activities they have highlighted. Economic activity true with debt for is pay. So not only the sum of the purchase has to be paid, but also the interest. How smart is it to have a different person or institution every month to pay money because there was no patience to save?

A major problem that uncovers this is the social contract where the American society is built on. That is the promise that your children will get better. Which is something that is no longer possible? It is not a cheerful message. But it is the truth.

Unfortunately, there are more and more signals that the end of the current bubble is near is. A bubble that will cause a far-reaching decline in living standards. A bubble that puts an end to all that economic activity that barely to none returns.

Well, this is not something we regularly hear in the media. We usually look no further then the stock prices and if we already look at data or research, then it is politically colored.

Although the media and politicians continue to claim the economy of the United States excellent or good condition, the man with the hat thinks otherwise. Recently there was conducted an investigation by Bankrate. This showed that 39% of the American workers are of the opinion that the economy is going bad or is not going well.

A very interesting question is whether the US economy is in a recession already or when it is coming. About 40% of the respondents believe that this is the case has already started or will start soon. That is not a majority. But a significant minority. Certainly, if we take into account that none of the so-called experts do this to predict.

For me, this is a good reason not to blindly rely on that somewhat financial expert says. I would really like to know what makes them experts? What makes that they are and do with their own money what they advise others to do? I sincerely hope that the president of the tenant lives in a rental home and not in one owner-occupied home.

I hope the so-called experts are right. The reason is not that I don’t see the risks for the American economy. They are very many and they are all bad dangerous for the global economy. But as 43% of Americans consider themselves financially feels insecure and 71% (!) is not prepared for a new financial crisis than hope I just that those people are not new victims. Hope makes the life we ​​say. But will they survive or go down with the economy?

If we take into account that, 59% of American households go from paycheck to paycheck. So they need their salary payment. Especially with the consumer debt levels at record high numbers. The way I see it we are looking at a financial and humanitarian crisis in the making.

So as long they receive salary is alive and consumer debts are at an unprecedented high level then I see it as a recipe for a financial, economic and humanitarian disaster.

At the same time, we get to process economic data everyday new indication that the end is near. House sales are primarily done by cash. No mortgage. It is expected that the car will sell the coming 2 years in the United States.

In every election debate, we will see that politicians promise us they will be able to the economy. They will ensure that more jobs are created. They say that they will force companies to create more jobs. Fortunately, we know that the promises of politicians are rarely kept.

It is clear to me. The United States is fast becoming a program can only lead to self-destruction. Sooner or later this system will come to an end and we stop this weird system. Then one will have to cut back and we will get the dreaded humanitarian, economic and financial implosion. . I want to come forward then as the person who survives in good health and has the means to be fun buy up bargains. How do I do that? That is stated in the Surviv The Collapse Report.

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