We are in a special situation. The world economy is cooling down. Recently it was announced that the car sales in China have not grown. China is the largest market for new car sales.

At the same time, the scholarships are extremely high. The gradually more and worse news is coming. Disappointing consumer spending, disappointing, economic growth. It goes on and on. There is more bad news.

Did you know that the average supermarket, where most people do their shopping, only has a few days of sustainable food in stock? What do you do if everything really goes wrong? What do you do if there is no more fruit and vegetables? What will you eat?

To make it very concrete for you. I talk about a collapse in several areas:
1. The financial markets collapse,
2. Employment will decline even faster than it already does,
3. Food security will no longer exist,
4. The energy will no longer be certain,
5. The Police and the government will not be able to guarantee your safety,

Before you tell me that this is not going to happen I have to ask you something. What do you base that on? Do you have any evidence that it is not? Take the Charlottesville riots. The police and the government have failed to deliver safety. How is it possible that football matches get out of hand and there are riots? Those riots do not belong there. The government ensures your safety.

What do you eat? The supermarket has no food. If you can not sell anything, where do you buy your food? How will you survive? What will you eat if there is nothing? While your stomach is rumbling you may immediately consider how you say that your investments are worth only a fraction of what they were worth.

No great prospects. I hope it will never happen to you. But a good person, a good person takes care of his family, a good person plans the worst and hopes for the best. A good person ensures that your family and everyone you have in your heart has survived. Are you a good person? Do you answer this question for yourself?

What has it become? Are you a good person?

I am glad that you see you as a good person. I am glad that you are willing to take care of everyone around you. I am pleased that you are open to the possibility of coming out of this collapse as a heroic winner. A collapse that will happen. The question is only when.

If you want to make the step then there is only one thing you have to do. It is the starting point. Simply order the Survive The Collapse Report. So what are you waiting for?

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