Global warming and climate change are big risks for humanity. At least, that is the propaganda we hear from the news. AOC’s New Green Deal showed some vision and power. But if we look at what the global warming opponents are now honest about it. They are trying to kill capitalism. After all: capitalism is to be blamed for it. But is it to blame for it?

Let’s see what bad things capitalism have bought to the world. First of all, we have a difference in economic outcome and outlook. If we look around the world where the world has centrally planned economies than we see that it is a complete disaster. So, at least from a historical perspective, we can notice that free markets work best. If we look at the centrally planned markets we have nowadays than it is clear that it is a failure on the point of humanity and living conditions.

If we look at poverty, which is blamed to be the fault of capitalism than we see the poverty declining in the world. Fewer people are in povertyl. The innovation of mobile banking revolutionized the financial model in Kenya. People had access to financial products and instant payments. Which improved living conditions and declined poverty. If we look at China and India than we see that free trade is reducing poverty. The relocation of factories and outsourcing of work is helping those in worldwide poverty.

Is it good or bad news that over 700 million people have left global poverty in China alone? Is it bad news that companies are relocating operations to countries where it could be done more efficiently?

If I look at the poverty problems than I’m extremely positive. Access to clean water is increasing, access to sanitary is increasing. All in Africa, China, and South Asia. Exactly the locations where the poorest people are living. Suicide is going down. So it seems to be the case that capitalism is working pretty well for the poorest in the world.

If we take a look at the global warming issues than we see a lovely sign. Deaths caused by global warming are going down. So it seems to be going pretty well. It is all going lovely. It is going the proper way!

So what are they achieving? First of all, they are reducing the accessibility to cheap energy. Cheap energy which powers economic activity and poverty reduction. At the promise that all those cheap energies will kill the world. How can we survive with energy?

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