What is money? What happened that we trusted our government with something we really care about? For over 2000 years the government has looked after the financial wellbeing of their people. The result? Poverty, starvation. So the track record is not that great. At the moment we see the result of this. The current uprise is the result of 2000 years of failing rulers.

To see how this happened we need to look at the history of money. Otherwise, we are set to simply make the same mistake over and over again. I would say that 2000 years of failure is enough. What do you think about that?

When humans stopped by living of nature and started with doing specific jobs. This was the beginning of the labor market. A market in which people specialized in a job. As a result, you had the barter economy. You could trade eggs for wheat. But the barter economy has some disadvantages. How to set the off the value of eggs and find someone who needs the eggs. It is a challenge. But it is an improvement of life if you take into consideration that before this human was living off nature.

So they came with an innovation. An innovation which resulted in a more efficient trade. The start of a method for exchange. The humans used different things like money. Tobacco leaves, Gold, Silver, Cuprum. It is all being used as money.

Over time Gold and Silver became victorious and showed as the best meaning for a mean of exchange. So we can say that real money is decentralized and hard to counterfeit.

Then we saw the introduction of the banking system. But it was not banks. As it was a bad idea to walk around with large amounts of Gold and Silver it was deposited at the Goldsmith. The Goldsmith issued a paper. With that paper, anyone could claim the Gold or Silver. This is where we got the history of the paper money from.

From time to time greed took over and goldsmiths issued to much paper and went out of business. At certain moments the government stood up and regulated this industry. Here we see the concept of banking. The banks where born.

The future will be a decentralized one. People are fed up with the failing system. The new Gold is likely blockchain. Completely decentralized and transparent. Once again there is no government interaction. It will also mean the end of inflation and the end of the failing monetary system.

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