We see the lefties who hare successfully taking over society. Via the combination of court intellectuals, big government and big businesses they succeed in bringing the society more towards a society they prefer. One thing that we need to take into consideration is that the copter outcome is going down with every election.

One of the reasons that voter turnout is going down with every election is the fact that there are fewer issues to have the debate about. Consider prohibition with the affordable care act. The important thing in their days. But the importance of it on a global scale is completely different. The prohibition was our way towards the mafia and the affordable care act is the method to end private healthcare insurance companies.

But more reasons caused the reduction of reduction in votes. Just think about the voter registration requirements. They made it more and more difficult to register yourself as a voter in the first place. Secondly, we have the fact that those who went into prison are no longer allowed to vote.

If you look at when the limitation on voter registration happened than we see the interesting fact that this happened during progressive years. Think about this for some moments. The leftist are the ones who are restricting the opportunity for those who are eligible to vote. Strange if you think about it. They are named for having more rights for everyone.

They were open about the fact that the enjoyed this. They simply said it is better when more knowledgable people are voting. Think about it. So they say that the workers of the country and those who have a lower intelligence should not vote.

Then we come to something else they did to reduce the voter turnout. The provided the but documents. Prior to it the parties and candidates provided the ballots.

One of the big differences is that from now on the government could control who would go for office and who not. Secondly, the government ballot documents were considered intimidating. Intimidating voters sounds not good to me. But it is exactly what the progressives have done.

So why are we not recognizing the fact that the progressives are the ones who are limiting democracy?

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