The flagship project from the African Union is here! The African Free Trade zone is created. So we are finally seeing the beginning of the end of African poverty.

Let’s have a look at why I’m such a huge supporter of free trade. In the countries, without free trade, we see that 80% of the people are living in obsolete poverty, compared to 10% of those who are living in a country with free trade. So this sounds to me as a perfect example of why free trade works well.

But not only poverty is declining. The life expectency is going up while child death is going down. So this sounds not to bad to me.

The declind in poverty was happening over the world. But the impact on the black nations of the Sub Sahara was relatively limited. It is really sad, but it is a fact.

It is tempting to blame the history for this. Just say it is caused by slavery and the colonial power should simply pay. If this is the case Singapore, Hong-Kong and South Korea would remain very poor countries. Those countries where bacon of free haven. They were not about global politics, they were there for economic benefits. The only exemption of the 3 is South Korea, due to the ongoing war with North Korea.

If we look at the end of the colonial era in Africa than we see that just a few countries benefited from it. This was Botswana and Mauritius. But most other countries failed to have any success.

The reason for this can we find in the history of the movement of the fight for independence. This where Marxist-Leninist inspired movements. With the as biggest success the communists from the ANC. They are still in power in South Africa and they are doing all things possible to ruin the country.

For me is it clear that this is the real reason they are in poverty. The Marxist-Leninst and other communisitc ideologys where the real power behind the independence movement. By burning the opposition alive they eliminated the more pro-free-market and common sense opposition.

So it is not slavery to blame for the poverty in Africa. It is the African decision to protect the local markets at the cost of the new generation of Africans.

I just hope that the African free trade zone will bring the prosperity the people of Africa deserve and desperately need.

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