Iran is a controversial country. At least from a political perspective. As a holder of an Israeli passport, I, unfortunately, can not enter the country. I hope they change this soon. Would the country like to visit. The country also had the first populist leader in modern history: Achmedinajad. Elected with the promise to sow death and destruction in Israel. You will not be surprised that I will not invite him to a cozy bbq.

However, Iran also has the only cheap recoverable oil fields where we can scale up quickly and easily. Well, the energy sector is extremely capital intensive. One hundred million is nothing in this industry.

At the same time, there is an invasion of Iran. That makes me personally very bad. I see it happen that, in view of this war, I am going to be mobilized. But that means that I have to open my mouth and be faced with a much simpler solution. Why not just act with each other. That is why I interviewed Daniel Kovali. The author of the book The Plot to invade Iran.

If you are wondering whether the invasion of Iran is going to happen soon, then you have to wonder why not? It can be profitable for companies in the defense industry. It can bring people together in the West against a common enemy. In the west we finally have something that connects us all.

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