The MeToo movement changed the way the world is looking at sexual interaction. From allowing everyone to make the choice they wish it is time to have a look

With the election season, it is bad to recognize that policymakers are always increasing regulations and simply bringing society towards the collapse.  No matter what a politician promises we all know their promises are not designed to be kept.

The power of a government doesn’t go any future than what the people allow it to be. But if we look at what’s happening in the world we must recognize the fact that the concept of privacy is completely gone.

Just to give some examples:

  • When you purchase an airline ticket you agree to a complete background check,
  • When you send an invoice for your healthcare insurance you agree to the fact that they keep this data and are allowed to verify this,
  • Most subways you take simply mean you can be searched (including your bags) without a warrant,
  • Before driving a car you get a government imposed and mandated license plate,
  • Despite promises from Presidents Bush and Obama the NSA is spying on its people and the complete world,

The last line, from politicians from both parties, simply means that we can’t trust Presidents.

Unfortunately, we forget something. Politicians in the United States promise the defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In most European countries politicians promise to serve the constitution or God. When are politicians serving the voters by defending the government with a small government?

Let’s expose failing politici with the energy and efficiency of the #MeToo movement. When you are ready and had it with this simply leave your government and stop paying tax now.

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