Recently we heard the news that a USA Navy drone was shot out of the air. By the Iranian Revolution Garde. Straight I was afraid about the war we might get in. But I also feared the engagement of the USA Navy.

The USA Navy has its own intelligence service. It is one which exists for a longer period than the CIA and is at the heart of several conspiracies and cover-up operations. The organization was at the heart of several wars.

If we can believe the BBC than the Korean War started with a lie. Think about this for a moment. Earlier they did it and ensured the war between Spain and the United States over Cuba.

When Trump announced his campaign for the Presidential campaign I was really happy. After all, he promised to have not another terrible war in the Middle East. Let’s have a look at the American success in the Middle East.

Lybia # well Kadaffie is gone and this oil-producing nation has now 3 governments. The one recognized by the United Nation dares not to move in the country. Actually, NAVY Seals are afraid of entering the country.

Iraq: Saddam Hussein is gone and the country is now a Fazal state of Iran. Not sure if this was the objective. At the same time, we have the risk that Turkey will invade to attack all the Kurdish fighters. They are, conveniently, also on some oil which could be used for the energy needs.

Syria: Assad had to go from President Obama. But he is still here and it is fair to say that he is the victorious party in the war. It seems that the Islamic State was not such a good ally.

Unless it was the plan from the United States was to ensure Syria was a state of Russia and Iran it is fair to say that the complete war in Syria was a failure. Just another one in the Arabic word for the west.

Unless it was the plan from the United States was to ensure Syria was a state of Russia and Iran it is fair to say that the complete war in Syria was a failure. Just another one in the Arabic word for the west.

Wait a moment, I hear you say. Wait a moment. There are terrible regimes and they are doing terrible things. Yes, you are right. let’s have a look at it. Especially Iran is good with its proxy organizations.

Hezbollah is active in the fields of the drugs trade and human trafficking to support the sex industry. Let’s sing this in for a moment. For Iran, this is very convenient. They can use black market contacts for assassinations overseas. Without any trace that brings it back to them. If you think a bit longer about this than it is even more interesting. Although I’m no expert on religious materials I’m sure that Islam is against drugs usage, drugs production, and human trafficking. So what about prostitution? I’m not sure but I doubt they approve it.

Then we come to the strong western alliance: Saudi Arabia. A lovely country. A woman who is raped gets jail time of are beheaded. Next to the big mosque. In my opinion, we should give the victims the needed medical and emotional care. But that’s just me. Or I might have missed this note.

Then we look at the victim of every war in the Middle East: Israel. The best methods to get alliances in the Arabic world is just a war against Israel. The Arabic people might hate each other, but they hate Israel more. So when Iran comes in a war with the United States it might be something for them to launch rockets against Israel. Or they use the faces of Hamas and Hezbollah. They have over 120,000 rockets ready to be fired.

So what will the Israel army do? They will retaliate. They strike back. How is it possible for the Arabic and Middle Eastern countries to be in a war with each other when they are also in a war with Israel?

Then we come to another, strategic, problem for the western world. When they launch a war with Iran they will lose it. Or better said: they are not capable of winning. The Iranian army is sophisticated and they have a good military history. The war with Iraq they have won.

It is clear that Pompeo and Bolton were pushing for the war with Iran. I’m pretty sure that they had the plan already laying around. Very convenient.

If President Trump would decide to launch the attack than it was clear that Iran would strike back. Wi9th the strike it would be the perfect excuse for the USA to go full in. If you say that this is the best method for the end the nuclear program from Iran I must tell you that this is unlikely to happen.

When the war would break out we would see boots on the ground. This means that western soldiers would have to fight against the well trained Iranian army. It is not a sophisticated army, but it is a war of winners.

This is one of the things that makes me scared. A war with Iran is not a traditional war. It has the risk of a nuclear war. When the Iranian regime is at risk, why should they not send out some nuclear weapons? Against the USA navy or against Israel?

This is very depressing. I know. But we need to face the facts. One of the facts is that all those military expenditures are resulting in profitable investment trades. If you are interested in those investments, then The Profitable war report is the perfect starting point for you.

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