War is terrible. It is also a recurring something. If you do not believe me: just look at the news. At the same time, global military spending is on the rise. Not only because of President Trump, but because of the geopolitical situation.

Let’s look at what we see in the world in the field of military terrain. To begin with, President Trump is right on some points. NATO has a mutual commitment. 2% of the GDP has to be put into the army. If you go to such a partnership and you do not like it then you should not be surprised that someone says something about it. After all, the deal has been signed.

If we look at Europe for a moment, we have to admit that Europe does not have the military in order. Do you remember the war in the Balkans in the 90s of the last century? Not me, then I was still in elementary school. Was still before I went to the blind school. Europe has failed to resolve the issues there. We can say it more firmly: if Helmut Kohl unleashed this war with his statements. In the end, the US was allowed to solve it.

Then we look at Africa. If you ask me to bet EUR 100 on where the next 100,000 people will be killed, I will choose this continent. They have a history in it. They are very experienced and skilled in it. Africa proves that it is not necessary with all that high tech. You can do it with simple things. We are sorry, but the truth.

Russia is busy modernizing its army. The country is quite successful in its military operations. They have their way in Ukraine. Reasonable stability at the borders, the nuclear scientists are safe, Syrie they do well.

China is modernizing its army. But they must come from very far. They have aircraft carriers. But not yet 100 pilots who have experience with landing and taking off from an aircraft carrier. Do not get me wrong, the Chinese army is very promising.

Then we look at the country that has one of the best armies in the world. A country that wars war every few years. A country that is hated by the whole environment. A country that offers a home to everyone in the world. If you belong to this group then you know something for sure: you are not sure of your life. Violence is also increasing towards you in Europe. Unfortunately, I can confirm this from personal experiences. The country is Israel. Without a good army and without the dreaded Mossad, Israel had long been exterminated. We were all driven into the sea. For me, there is a crisis and a crisis when the Jews get the blame.

Then let’s look at India. The second Asian superpower. A superpower that has military cooperation with Russia. The country has atomic bombs and has military conflicts with both Iran and Pakistan.

If we read it like that, we see an extremely dangerous situation. Unfortunately, this is true. But nothing to do about it. What we can do is make money. You can, of course, say that it is unethical. That is something I do not share with you. Violence is immoral. I am against violence. But if money can be earned I like to participate. Provided it is legal, of course. This is of course 100% legal. You will find the report here. What are you waiting for?

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