We just had International Woman Day. We can talk about the right of the woman to work. Obviously, they have this right. In my opinion is it a major shame that woman are paid less. But government intervention is not going to work.

First of all, we need to realize that most countries in the world make discrimination illegal. So why should we have dedicated and special laws for the woman? Why would we offer them their own law and not for other groups? Simply pay the same hourly rate.

We have a prime example of unintended side effects of government intervention. I’m referring to the $ 15,- an hour minimum wage in California. This sounds like a lovely idea, but there is an unintended side effect: robots are flipping burgers.

So the low paid people are now pushed out of the market. I doubt this what leftish politicians and unions intended. But it is what they got. The relation with international woman day and the talk on a forced woman on the board is obvious.

No one has a problem with good jobs for everyone, for families capable of raising a beautiful family. But this has a side effect. If we tax or push labor costs up by other methods, we are competing with robotics.

Robots are great if you have a certain task which is always the same. High volumes are no problem.

The variations have stopped the robotification of the fast food industry. But now in California, we are seeing this innovation.

What we need to do is realize this competition. We need to allow everyone to succeed. So why not simply make human labor competitive to robots? Why not allow the woman to reach their full potential or simply make the world a more beautiful place by offering chances for everyone?

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