In 1984 President Reagan launched the war on drugs. As part of this war, there was now legislation Legislation which allowed state troopers to pull over drivers. Interrogate them without the right of representation and determine if they are drugs traffickers. This was combined with financial information and the right for civil asset forfeiture. So, at once a state trooper could repossess your car.

But there was a problem. A big problems which was not likely to be ended soon: the USA Constitution. The 4th amendment forbids warrantless searches. This was to protect the people against the government. The government could not interrogate you.

The Reagan legal cabinet found a solution. In 1969 there was a Judgement of the Supreme court of the USA. It was about the search and frisk. The judgment by the court was out of protection for the officers. Who could be liable for damages and be caught in endless court cases? Please note that the Supreme Court and the government normally don’t have this consideration when it is with someone who is not on the government.

But there were many questions to answer. So the Supreme Court did what it should do and be the most loyal soldier for the war on drugs. The most loyal officers for serving the political needs of the President.

One of the biggest defenses against the defense of the people against government employees is the myth that you know your rights. But those rights are not taught at government schools. next to this: how many people are saying no against an armed person? Someone who is allowed to kill you. You don’t say no.

It is time that we solve one of the biggest problems. This is the ongoing attack upon the rights we have. It is time that we see all government employees as what they are: people who are paid by us and should serve us. Not their own interests.

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