The people of Brazil were told that the way to leave poverty was to get more government programs, expand the government works and build up a large social welfare state. The people believed in and the social democrats where elected.

But something different happened. Things happened that the social democrats did not say to the people that voted upon them. The people that we’re dreaming of a better life. The people they betrayed.

Operation car was started. This operation was against corruption and what was uncovered was shocking.

It turned out that the social democratic party decided to change the Robin Hood story. Thanks to corruption they decided to take from the poor and gave to the rich.

Operation car was launched to investigate money laundering operations via car washes and petrol stations. It is highly doubtful if the investigation was started if they knew what the outcome would be.

On the 14th of January 2015, a Petrobas executive was arrested in this investigation. Now is this nothing special for Brazil. It was expected that he would be let go. But it went different. Ultimately he was jailed for 12 years.

Operation car was did put behind bars, for a very long time, of entrepreneurs, important politicians, and government employees. All due to corruption, money laundering.

For many, it will be no surprise that the social democratic party of Brazil was the spider in this money laundering and corruption web. After all, are social democrats seeking expenditure of the government role? More programs, more actions, and enforcement in the economy. So powerful corporations and important entrepreneurs were able to capture some of the money being spent. It is said, due to the fact that Brazil has to deal with extreme levels of poverty.

A few decades ago my mother did volunteer work in Brazil. She gave care to disabled children. Many of them were the result of the thriving (child) prostitution business. Just as a powerful indication of how terrible the situation was.

But the expenditure by social democrats for even more services is no surprise. After all. They push for a public broadcasting system, railroad, government-owned water and energy services. All-powerful companies in the local community. Powerfull organizations many entrepreneurs would love to work together with.

It turned out there was a brotherhood of politicians and businesses who profited extremely well. At the same time, Brazil remained a low-income country. Suffering from several major economic downturns.

Those who were no member of the brotherhood were left alone. Well, the social democratic party promised steps towards prosperity and poverty reduction, it just provided more of the same.

The money being spent on poverty reduction programs expanded. But the money did not go to the poor. It went to the bureaucrats managing the money. It went to those who sold products and services to the program.

This is important to keep in mind. Brazil now has a President who has no ties with the social democratic party. Let’s hope that Bolsonaro is capable of reducing Brazil poverty the longterm method. Ending corruption and moving Brazil out of poverty.

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