When it comes to convincing people it is always a good thing to do this with arguments. Unfortunately, many leftish people, like Social Justice Warriors, are not open for reasonable arguments. They are full with there own destructive opinion and the desire to push humanity towards poverty.

A important reason that economic arguments won’t work is that it is said that economic arguments are there only to help large group interests. Large companies. They make you believe economics is good for you. While it is only good for large businesses.

This ignores the fact that large companies exist by the demand of there customers. Customers are the ultimate boss of every venture. Unless the business is granted a government monopoly.

Off course there is plenty of pro-company propaganda. This is something which we call promotion. Are the leftish not doing exactly the same? Just to ensure that the message gets spread?

It is clear that many large companies are using government power, like regulation, to keep competitors out. But that is not the result of economic activity nor economic freedom. It is the result of corruption and failing politicians to allow the free market to flourish. To allow innovation and speed up progress.

The message of government engagement in the market is one which is pushed for by generations. not only via the brainwashing educational system, but also popular culture caused this to be the popular message.

We must admit that the educational system is doing a great job. It indoctrinates children with the idea that the government is a good and nice organization. But is this the case? It will be of no surprise that I don’t agree with this message.

Undoing the damages done by the educational system is a tough and time-consuming task. But for the good of society, it should be done.

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