At every crisis, we hear the call for more government. At every crisis, there are critics from the leftish that the government is not interested in the normal people. Or they could have avoided the disaster. What they actually say is that those in power do not believe in government.

Let me begin: I’m not believing in government. At every disaster, I see the failure of government. I see the innovation and creativity of mankind in solving problems. For-profits and for the good. But this does not mean that I wish people to starve. I rather see farmers and retailers create enough food for everyone to survive and to make some good money.

When we look at the effect the left is having about the government and society than we can look at New York during the 70s and 80s of the past century and the Soviet Union.

Unfortunately, people lack the capacity to remind what happened.

Unfortunately, New York is back on the leftish route. The leftish route is doing nothing more and nothing less than wiping out profitable economic activity. But New York is not the only American example. Just look at California. They are also on leftist policies.

Although California and New York have a certain appeal. New York is the city that never sleeps. But if it might take a moment to think about it, they might move towards more common sense policies. California is a bankrupted state and more and more people are living on the streets.

This is the future if we move towards a leftish government. Just ask yourself this: you enjoy the concept of living on the street?

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